486 Not hiding anymore?

    She found during the time she had been cultivating recently that she could not make a breakthrough in her mystical cultivation until reaching the peak of Martial Master rank. She wanted to enter the Martial Ancestor rank, but she felt that something was lacking. She did not use medicinal pills for herself, but after failing to step up, she discussed this with Fire Phoenix.

    "I felt like it's a good chance. Do you want to go roaming sometime?" Her eyes flitted slightly and her face was bright. She seemed to have had this idea for a long time.

    Yes, she couldn't get rid of Hell's Lord, could she make herself scarce instead?

    Moreover, her father's work had almost been done. As long other countries did not intend to invade and there was Feng Guards standing by, his position as a ruler couldn't be even firmer.

    "That guy is not an ordinary man. You think you can get away with it?" With only a piece of undergarment covering his white and plump body, Fire Phoenix scornfully glanced at her. He bit the ginseng collected by Feng Jiu in his mouth. Of course, its quality was far inferior to that thousand-year ginseng.

    It was fond of eating ginseng. There were some spirit herbs and spirit fruits containing fire properties, but those things were too few in this place. Therefore, only hundred-years-old ginsengs could give it some relief.

    Nevertheless, it had been raised well to become so white and fat. Its limbs were as white as lotus roots, making people want to bite them.

    Being looked down by the little guy, Feng Jiu smiled, then raised her chin. Her small face showed triumph, "Who makes me so charming that even Hell's Lord cannot resist it? Sigh...actually, I don't want this."

    Looking at her pretence, Little Fire Phoenix rolled his eyes. He turned around while hugging the half-chewed ginseng, leaving her with only the red undergarment strings and his chubby butt to view.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu reached out and poked his little butt. She smiled and asked, "Why do you like to wear this undergarment again recently? Look, this little butt is coming out."

    "Hmph! It's okay as long as your little bird isn't coming out."

    He did not reply and waved at her in disgust. "Don't stay here all day long. You hiding like an ostrich really annoys me. Go out quickly, there would be trouble if you can't be found."

    "Sigh! I have to stop hiding. Then I'm leaving!" With a sigh, she stood up, tidied up her dress and flew out of the spatial spirit palace.

    "Coward." Little Fire Phoenix muttered, chewed the ginseng, and went over to the place where the spirit herb was placed.

    Outside, Hell's Lord, who still could not find her, had been waiting idly in the courtyard. When Feng Jiu came out of the spatial spirit palace, he was drinking tea. He was holding a teacup, and his dark eyes glided across the room gloomily.

    Originally there was no sign of her, but now, she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

    He wondered why he couldn't find her. No wonder, it's because she had a spatial treasure in her body.

    The door creaked open, and when the figure appeared at the door, she looked at him with a pleasant smile. "Oh, Hell's Lord, why do you always drink tea in this courtyard? Do you need me to accompany you?"

    "Not hiding anymore?" He raised his eyebrows. His deep dark eyes fell on her, making her scalp numb.

    Feng Jiu smiled awkwardly. She wanted to refuse if it were someone else. The original owner of her body loved Murong Yi Xuan for so many years. Yet, she could cut him off with three or two sentences. But how could she lose her confidence when she met this man?
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