487 It depends on this Lord’s mood

    With just a glance, Hell's Lord could see that she had a problem with her cultivation. Instead of continuing to hold on to the previous topic, he asked, "Did you meet a bottleneck in your cultivation?"

    Feng Jiu's eyes lit up and quickly sat down opposite him. "Mm. I'm currently at the peak Martial Master rank. I've been continuously cultivating these days, but I can't break through. I probably missed the chance and I'm thinking about going out."

    Hell's Lord looked askance at her, "Do you want to leave this Lord behind and lie low until the fuss dies down?"

    "Hey hey, how's that possible? I was thinking of asking you if you want to come together?" Her plan was exposed. She smiled embarrassedly and tried to remedy it.

    "Hmph! If you want to invite this Lord to go with you, that depends on this Lord's mood." Hell's Lord snorted coldly. He was clearly delighted inside, but still arrogantly putting on airs.

    "I see! It doesn't matter. I can go alone." Her eyes were smiling while she looked at him cheerfully.

    Hearing her words and seeing her cheerful expression again, Hell's Lord glared at her. "Who said this Lord will not go? Don't ever think of leaving this Lord behind!"

    The corners of her mouth twitched. This tsundere yet unreserved man, ah! Why did he stop being aloof?


    Hell's Lord coughed lightly into his fist. He took a glance at her and then spoke, "Don't expect instant success with your cultivation. You have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent months. Not many people can keep up with that kind of pace. But this kind of practice is not feasible. You have to lay a solid foundation at each rank. Otherwise, the higher you are, the easier you will collapse."

    "Now that you have met a bottleneck, take this opportunity to go out with this Lord and gain more experience. Don't try to break through and advance for a while. Otherwise, it will not help you in your future practice. Don't take the advancing medicinal pills. Cultivating by piling up medicinal pills is not good either. If you're taking medicinal pills regularly, the more you cultivate, the longer it takes for you to advance."

    Feng Jiu nodded solemnly. "Mm, I got it." Then she looked at him oddly, "Hell's Lord, are you always so idle? You really don't have to return to your home?"

    Hell's Lord curved his lips slightly, showing a faintly undetectable smile. He glanced at her and asked, "What's wrong? Do you want to inquire about this Lord's family background? Just ask directly, there's no need to say it in a roundabout way. If you ask, this Lord will tell you."

    "Hey hey, no need. I'm just saying, it's nothing serious." She cowered at once. Just now she didn't want to know his origin nor his family background. It's not good for her to know too much.

    Seeing her shrinking back like an ostrich hiding her head in the sand, Hell's Lord felt resentful at her for failing to meet his expectations. He cast a sideways glance at her. This cowardly woman! He spoke so clearly yet she pretended not to know!

    Nevertheless, it didn't matter. He had plenty of time to spend with her. In the end, she would only be his woman.

    His mood improved immediately. Because his smile was genuinely from the heart, his handsome and resolute face that usually showed a chilly expression now inadvertently had a gentle and soft look. It made Feng Jiu couldn't help but looking at him foolishly...

    When Hell's Lord came to himself, he saw Feng Jiu staring straight at him with bright eyes. His smile vanished without a trace and his cold tyrannical appearance was restored. He could see Feng Jiu's lips twitch.
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