488 This Lord is ready to go with you

    "What? Still thinking that this Lord is a feast for the eyes?" He looked askance at her and said coolly, "Isn't this Lord's tofu delicious? You ate my tofu, yet go back on your words. Humph!"

    "Hey hey, I wouldn't dare!" She smiled mockingly. She put away her drooling look and assumed a stern expression. "Hell's Lord, when should we leave?"

    Seeing her pretending to be serious, he hummed softly, "You can leave your father here? As long as you let matters go, this Lord can go with you at any time."

    Hearing the words, she rolled her eyes inwardly. What did he mean, following her anytime? Say what you like. Nevertheless, she still showed an ingratiating smile on her face, "I'll let it go. I left four Golden Core cultivators with my father here. With the Feng Guards protecting, other small countries can't afford to invade nor they dare to offend. More so the people of all forces in the Phoenix Empire. They will not dare to offend since they have no reason to do that."

    "Besides, I know my father's abilities and methods. With his power and ability to handle things, he can naturally control the Phoenix Empire. Especially in this place where we were born and raised. It's so familiar to us, so there's nothing to worry about."

    This was exactly what she has thought over. Her father was safe here and he could display his full capabilities. Even if she walked away for a half or a whole year, she would feel at ease.

    Hell's Lord looked at her, "In that case, why don't we go now?"

    "That's not so urgent. I'll also have to arrange some things!" She pondered a bit and said, "Three days. We'll leave three days later. I have to go to the palace and talk to my father about it."

    "Entering the palace? This Lord will accompany you." With that, he tidied his robe and stood up.

    She looked at him and asked, "I'm going to the palace to tell my father something. What will you do there? Or, you're afraid that I'm going to slip away secretly?"


    With a light cough, Hell's Lord felt a little embarrassed, but his face showed no trace of awkwardness. His deep gaze shifted from her face to the other side. He said indifferently, "This Lord has to say goodbye. After all, he's my elder."

    "All right! Let's go together." She looked at him hesitantly, "But when you see my father, don't talk nonsense!"

    "What are you talking about?" He was puzzled for a moment and fixed his eyes at her. But when he saw her winking, he knew it instantly.

    He speechlessly looked skyward. Was this woman afraid that he would tell her father about that night when she was drunk?

    "Mm, you reminded this Lord that if your father knew that we had reached that level, he would be more assured that you were with this Lord." As he spoke solemnly, a smile flashed through his deep dark eyes and his lips curved slightly.

    Watching him walk out with his hands behind his back, Feng Jiu was shocked and jogged quickly to catch up to him, "Hell's Lord, recently I found that you, old man, look so handsome and your male charm so off the charts..."

    "Again the old man?"

    "Hey hey, I said it wrong. You can't be an old man. At most, you're a charming uncle."

    "Uncle?" Hell's Lord snorted, "This Lord is only twenty five this year, only nine years older than you."

    "Mm...then I'll call you Big Brother?" She asked very carefully.

    Hell's Lord looked at her and said coolly, "Why don't you try calling me Big Brother the next time you grope and embrace me?"
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