489 The Forgotten Person

    Feng Jiu immediately felt embarrassed. Did he like to hold on to that matter? Although she did ate his tofu that night, she didn't really pounce on him, did she? What's more, who said that the wine had a strong effect, and then after hearing her say that she would not have sex under the influence, gave her a lot more wine?

    It was clear that he had a crafty mind, but she had taken advantage of him.

    Well, in fact, she felt that if she hadn't vomited all over him that night, she would have been the one taken advantage of.

    So, in hindsight, she had a clear conscience. Then whose fault was it that he had the bad intentions in the first place?

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One followed behind them and left the courtyard. Knowing that that Feng Jiu would go to the palace, Leng Shuang had left earlier to arrange the carriage. After all, there were some distance from this place to the palace and naturally it was impossible to go there on foot.

    However, as soon as they left the Feng Residence gate, they saw Guan Xi Lin coming.

    "Little Jiu? Just the right time, I was just looking for you!" Guan Xi Lin grinned when he saw her. When he saw that Hell's Lord was at her side, he cupped his fists and greeted him.

    "Big brother, shouldn't you be at the black market? What's the matter?" She went up to him and asked.

    "Mm, I have something to tell you. Do you have time now?" He turned his sights on Feng Jiu and Hell's Lord. They're not going to take a stroll, were they?

    "I'm going to enter the palace to discuss something with my father. Would you like to go with me? We can talk on the way there." She signaled the carriage.

    Guan Xi Lin was about to nod when he glimpsed Hell's Lord suddenly fixed his sights at him and then at the carriage. He couldn't help grinning awkwardly, "So, it's like that! Then I'll join you. Well, I'll ride while you two take the carriage."

    "The carriage is wide enough, it can accommodate three people..." He was interrupted before even finished talking.

    "It's not early anymore. Talk while we're on the way!" As he spoke, Hell's Lord stepped into the carriage and went in by himself.

    Seeing this, Guan Xi Lin hurriedly said, "Little Jiu, get inside the carriage. We can also talk at the palace." No ordinary man could withstand Hell's Lord's powerful pressure. If he dared to ride with them in the carriage, he would probably be frozen to death during the trip by Hell's Lord's cold energy.

    "All right! Let's go talk again when we are at the palace." She laughed and got into the carriage albeit with some reluctance.

    Leng Shuang was driving while Gray Wolf and Shadow One were following on both flanks of the carriage. Guan Xi Lin was on a horse borrowed from the Residence, trailing them to the palace.

    At present, in the residential palace, Feng Xiao sat in front of a bookcase after handling the affairs. He did not carry his usual dignified and resolute bearings.

    He held an amethyst white jade hairpin in his hands. He caressed the hairpin with his finger over and over again as if it was a beloved person. His eyes were filled with longing and tenderness as well as sorrow that he had never showed others...

    "Wan Rong, do you know that our daughter has grown up? She's an outstanding child. How great it would be if you could be with us..."

    He mumbled, his voice choked with emotions. Real men did not cry easily, but his eyes were filled with tears right now.

    For so many years, the memory that should not be forgotten had been covered in dust. That dearest person that should not be forgotten had not been remembered for ages. He felt both shame and sorrow in his deepest heart as well as strong yearnings.

    How great would it be if she were here beside him?
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