490 Feng Jiu’s Mother

    "Father, I'm here."

    Feng Jiu's voice echoed from outside the room. Upon hearing her voice, Feng Xiao hurriedly lifted his sleeve to wipe his eyes. After regaining his composure, he looked up and saw his daughter coming in.

    "Father? What's the matter with you?"Feng Jiu saw his red rimmed eyes and felt somewhat astonished. When she saw that he was holding an amethyst white jade hairpin in his hand, her eyes flickered slightly.

    "Nothing." He shook his head, not wanting to say more.

    "Nothing? Then, what is this?" She reached out and grabbed the amethyst white jade hairpin from his hand. She smiled and asked her nervous father.

    "Little Jiu, be careful not to drop and break it." He stood up quickly, fearing that she might break the hairpin by mistake.

    Feng Jiu saw his nervous expression and a sly smile spread on her face, "Father, is this Mother's hairpin? Did you secretly miss your mother here?" As she finished talking, she found that she had no memory of her mother. Even no one in the estate had ever mentioned anything about her mother.

    "Ai!" He sighed and sat down.

    Seeing his expression, Feng Jiu restrained her smile and moved a chair to sit beside him. She handed back the amethyst white jade hairpin to him. "Father, tell me about my mother! Is she still alive? I'm already sixteen years old, yet I've never heard you mention about my mother before. Please tell me about her!"

    Her father must have loved her mother so much, seeing that he had not remarried after so many years and there was no woman around. However, what kind of woman was she? She could actually make a tough-as-iron man hide here secretly with her old thing and reminisce with a dejected expression.

    Feng Xiao took the amethyst white jade hairpin back, "This hairpin is indeed your mother's. She only left this hairpin along with you for Father."

    "Since Father loves Mother so much, why haven't you mentioned her for so many years? Where is she? Is she still alive?" She asked again.

    Feng Xiao looked at the hairpin in his hand and said quietly, "It's not that Father didn't mention it, but that Father had forgotten her before. Besides not knowing who she was, where she was, or where she came from, I only knew that there was a woman in my heart. A woman that I always wanted to remember, yet never could remember."

    "Ah? How did it happen?" She was so shocked, he couldn't remember? How was that possible?

    "Mm, I couldn't remember. It was after I woke up after Murong Bo's assassination attempt that I remembered everything about your mother. Your mother is a kind-hearted and gentle beauty. She is the most beautiful woman I've ever met. But I think of her for so many years. I really deserve to die..."

    Looking at her father's face was full of self-reproach, guilt and pain, she looked down and asked, "Did someone do this to you?" Why did someone use an underhanded method on him? Was her mother's identity very unusual?

    "Her father did not allow her to be with me. Everyone was against us because she was so excellent and so beautiful. I, a military man, couldn't match her at all, but she didn't care about anything. She abandoned everything just to be with me. I haven't even been able to get her a decent wedding yet."

    Feng Xiao murmured, his eyes fell on the amethyst white jade hairpin in his hands. He recalled the scenes of that year in his mind...
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