492 Whom will you bring?

    Yes, she knew how to do it. She learned that her mother was still alive and what kind of person her mother was, so she had an idea about what to do.

    A gleam flitted in her smiling eyes. She comforted her father with a smile and said, "Father, actually I came here today because I have something to tell you."

    Feng Xiao calmed down and asked, "What's the matter?"

    "I have recently encountered a setback in my cultivation and unable to break through. Ling Mo Han also told me not to rush in breaking through my cultivation recently, saying that what I lacked was an opportunity. When I said that I would leave to get more experience for a while, he decided to accompany me. He could also give me pointers. So we are here to tell you about it today."

    She paused and thought of something else. "Oh, by the way, when we came out, we met Big Brother. On the way, he told me that there was a chance in the black market for him to join a mercenary team. He wanted to leave this place sooner or later to go out and get more experience first, then go to study at the academy with his own strength."

    Feng Xiao nodded. "This is a good thing, Xi Lin's talent is not low. As long as he brings out his innate talents well, his future achievements will be extraordinary. It's good to have such a chance to join the mercenary team. Father agrees, but you and Mo Han..."

    He took a quick look at her and saw her as simple-minded. He could not help sighing, "What do you think? In my view, he is a really good man. Both his ability and character are excellent. More importantly, Father can see that he is sincere to you."

    "Father, don't worry about my matters. I have my own idea." She held his arm and leaned on his shoulder, "Father, I don't know how I will be gone this time, but you don't have to worry. I will take care of myself. If there is a chance, I will take the opportunity to inquire about Grandfather's news. So you don't have to worry about Grandfather either. As long as there is news, I will send it back. I'll not be around you so you need to take care of yourself well and wait for us to come back."

    Feng Xiao showed a gratified smile. He patted her hand gently and said, "Well, Father knows that you can take good care of yourself outside, so Father won't have to worry about you."

    "I will leave the four Golden Core cultivators behind to follow Father's orders. In addition, I will hand over the Feng guards. Luo Yu will also stay behind. You can send them out to carry out your orders. I will bring Leng Shuang with me, while Leng Hua will stay and take care of Father!"

    "You won't bring Luo Yu and others?" He was surprised since he thought that she would take Luo Yu with her.

    She smiled, "They will remain here. Feng Guards are already familiar with them. It is too much trouble to bring the eight of them."


    Feng Xiao shook her head helplessly. His adoring eyes fell on her. He laughed, "It's okay if you don't bring them with you, but take that child Leng Hua! He knows how to take care of people carefully and his body has been fully restored after you took care of him long ago. Although his body carries no mystical energy, he performs Tai Chi very well. He's also Leng Shuang's sibling, they can attend to you together. I will feel more at ease if they stay beside you."
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