493 Don’t drink wine when you’re away from home

    "Leng Hua!" She looked around while thinking and then nodded. "Mm, that's okay. He hasn't gone places yet. I'll take him on this journey."

    Her face was wreathed in smiles while looking at him, "Father, you are now the country's ruler. The harem is empty now. Don't give me a surprise when I come back to find it full with a variety of beauties!"

    Feng Xiao was stunned for a moment, then laughingly scolded her, "This kid, why are you saying such an impudent remark? Is your father that kind of person?"

    "Hehe, I know Father isn't. But you can't be sure that the people below will stuff you with women!"

    Feng Xiao couldn't listen any more. He shook his head and stood up immediately. "All right, let's continue this later. Didn't you say that your big brother and Mo Han are here? Where are they? Let's go and have a look.

    "In the rock garden pavilion. I asked them to wait there." She laughed, her eyes narrowed to a squint. She pulled his hand in hers and went out. She thought inwardly that she still had to deal with Luo Yu and others later. She could not let anyone take the opportunity while she's gone to stuff plenty of women on her father's side. She was going to get her mother back!

    The father and daughter pair arrived at the pavilion. Hell's Lord and Guan Xi Lin, who were leisurely talking, stood up and greeted Feng Xiao. With his gesture, all of them took their seats together.

    "Father, I'm going to join the mercenary team and go out for a while. Since I'm leaving tomorrow, I come and tell you personally today." Guan Xi Lin spoke first.

    "You're leaving tomorrow? That fast?" Feng Xiao was surprised. "Have you arranged everything at home? Is everything ready for this long journey?"

    "Yes, I've arranged everything at the estate. Since there's nobody at home, I'll let the housekeeper keep watch over the house. Besides, it's next to the Feng estate. Generally, nothing will happen. Everything is ready for this trip."

    Feng Xiao nodded and proceeded to instruct him. "Well, that's good. You must pay attention to your safety when you're going on a journey. You must pay careful attention to everything. If anything happens, send the news home."

    Guan Xi Lin grinned, "I will."

    "Uncle Feng, I'll leave with Little Jiu in three days. I'm here today to say goodbye." Ling Mo Han said. In front of Feng Xiao, he had never used Hell's Lord identity and always took the position of a younger generation.

    "Little Jiu just told me. I'll give the same advice to you both. You must be careful going in this journey, don't be careless." Feng Xiao looked at him and smiled, "I'll be at ease to have you by Little Jiu's side to give her guidance."

    "Father, you should be at ease even when I'm travelling by myself. Have you ever seen me bullied by others?"

    Feng Jiu spoke in an indifferent manner while taking a sip of tea from the table and eating a piece of pastry, "I always bully others. For others to bully me...hey, hey, that's hard to do."

    "I heard the other day that you were drunk at the estate. You are a girl. Remember, don't drink wine when you're away from home. It's okay to get drunk at home. However, if you are drunk outside, bad things may happen." After Feng Xiao said these words, he saw her daughter, who was eating a pastry, seemed to choke and her face turned red.

    "Cough! Cough...."

    Feng Jiu coughed a few times. She quickly took a cup and gulped the tea down. She felt a little bit better. Before she recovered her breath, her father's voice rang again.

    "Look at you, choking on a cake. If you like it, bring some snacks for the journey."
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