494 Arrangements

    Ling Mo Han shifted his eyes downward after listening to Feng Jiu being given instructions and seeing her choked on the cake afterwards. He took a sip of tea and hid his smile behind the cup.

    Guan Xi Lin poured a cup of tea for Feng Jiu. "Drink more tea. Look at you! How can you choke on a cake?"

    Feng Jiu was embarrassed, her face slightly flushed. She stared at the pretentious person and told the other two, "I'm fine. I choked due to my carelessness."

    She added, "Father, I know. I won't get drunk outside." How could she be drunk if someone hadn't had a bad intention to get her intoxicated? Was she a person with a high tolerance for alcohol?

    "Father, I'm going to stay at the palace these couple days."

    "When I told you earlier to move in, you didn't do it. Finally, you come here to see Father. I can't even see your shadow." He shook his head, "Now that you're going on a journey, remember to have Leng Shuang prepare everything for you."

    "Yes, yes, I know. I'll go and see Luo Yu and others. I need to hand over some matters." She stood up and said to Guan Xi Lin, "Big Brother, I'll see you off tomorrow."

    "No need, you're busy. You don't have to see me off tomorrow." Guan Xi Lin waved his hand and stood up. "I can't stay too long. I'll go back home first." He said goodbye to them and left.

    "Mo Han, how about playing some chess?" Feng Xiao looked at Hell's Lord sitting opposite him.

    He naturally would not refuse. So the two men set up a chessboard and played chess in the pavilion.

    Feng Jiu left and after walking for a while, she patted her chest and breathed out softly. "I have not done anything shameful, how can I be so frightened?"

    Leng Shuang, following her from behind, heard that. Her face showed a slight, faint smile. "Gray Wolf said that Mistress is Hell's Lord's nemesis. But I now see that Hell's Lord is Mistress' nemesis instead."

    Feng Jiu turned around and smiled, her eyes narrowed. "Leng Shuang, you're right. That guy is my natural born enemy. I don't usually feel good when I meet him."

    Leng Shuang didn't respond. She followed her quietly.

    Feng Jiu spoke again, "That's right, I'm going to take Leng Hua with me this time. I haven't seen him yet. Go and see where he is. Tell him about it and come with us then."

    Leng Shuang's eyes lit up and her face overflowed with joy. "Many thanks, Mistress." She thanked her for giving her brother a chance to go out and see the world.

    "What are you thanking for? Go ahead! I will go alone to see Luo Yu and others. I have a lot of things to tell them." She waved her hand and motioned her to leave first to find Leng Hua.

    "Yes." Leng Shuang answered, full of gratitude. She then went to tell her brother this good news.

    When Feng Jiu found Luo Yu and his colleagues, they were practising their fighting skills with the Feng Guards on the martial field. She called them aside and talked with them.

    However, Luo Yu cried out in astonishment before she finished her words, "Ah? Mistress is going on a journey again without taking us? Mistress, if you don't take all eight of us with you, just take me anyway! I can accompany and protect you!"

    Feng Jiu looked askance at him without hiding her aloofness, "Just you?"
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