495 Leaving

    "Mistress, we truly want to go with you to gain experience outside. Please take us with you!"

    The other men also hurriedly spoke after Luo Yu opened his mouth. They really wanted to go out with her, especially after Luo Yu came back to tell them what happened when he went out with the mistress last time. They had been looking forward to it.

    Even though their journey might encounter some dangers, it was an indispensable way for them to grow as cultivators. They could also know their mistress better when they were by her side. It was also possible for her to give them some helpful pointers.

    However, Feng Jiu didn't plan to take them with her. She explained, "The Phoenix Empire is not very peaceful at present and my father has just assumed the position as the country's ruler. I can't stay here all the time, but you can help me protect this place well. I will let you travel with me when an opportunity arises in the future but it's not the right time now. "

    After hearing her explanation, they knew that it was useless to argue so they didn't raise this issue. After all, she was not in a playful mood. They could only obey Mistress' order. All the eight men spoke solemnly, "Yes! Be at ease, Mistress. We will protect this country as well as Cloudy Moon City."

    After Feng Jiu finished talking with them as well as giving instructions to the Feng Guards, she walked back to the palace. Feng Shuang and Feng Hua, who were already at the palace, came up and welcomed her.


    "Mm," She answered. When her eyes fell on the excited Leng Hua, she laughed. "Prepare well. I'm taking you to gain some experiences outside. Even if you don't have mystical energy, you can protect yourself with Tai Chi. if there is destiny, you may also be able to cultivate."

    Leng Hua's eyes sparkled with excitement and delight. "Does Mistress say that I may also cultivate? Without having mystical energy?"

    "Mystical energy is out of the question for you. However, look for an opportunity to test whether you have the spiritual roots. Won't you be able to cultivate, then?" She smiled and stepped forward. Inside the bedroom, she saw several trays on the table containing red and white dresses.

    Leng Hua, stirred emotionally by her words, followed from behind and saw her looking at the dresses. "The tailor came to the palace a few days ago to make some clothes for the ruler. Since he couldn't find Mistress, the ruler ordered me to take one set of your clothing and make twenty different designs. I asked them to make ten sets of men's clothes and ten sets of women's clothes each. These were ready and sent here today."

    Feng Jiu picked up a set and examined it. She checked its fit and then smiled. "Mm, pretty good. They all look nice. Just in time, we don't have to worry about what to wear for this trip."

    She looked back at them and smilingly said, "You can withdraw! There is no need to serve me. Go back and prepare more. By the way, let's bring Old White and Little Ball. We will start directly from the palace."

    "Yes." They then retreated.

    Three days later.

    Hell's Lord saw Old White trotting excitedly in the palace, but he did not find Feng Jiu. Only Leng Shuang and Leng Hua were in the courtyard. "Your Mistress is going to take this fat horse with him?" Did that woman want to go play instead of gaining experience?
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