496 It’s better to wear a beggar’s clothes

    "I want to take Old White with me! I brought the Little Cloud Devouring Beast with me, you see." Feng Jiu appeared in front of them in a man's red garb. She stepped out and lifted her chin slightly, signalling Hell's Lord to look at Little Ball on the other side.

    Ever since she saw Little Ball transformed its shape and swallowed the Nascent Soul, she seldom called it Little Ball but directly changed its name to Little Cloud Devouring Beast. After all, the scene where it swallowed the Nascent Soul was so unforgettable that she felt that the word "Ball" was no longer fit.

    Even though her dazzling red dress was still so eye-catching, but it was no longer a woman's skirt. The men's long gown emitted a free and charming spirit as if she was a noble young master. That delicate and remarkable appearance, even in men's clothes, made him stare.

    Suddenly, he felt that it was better for her to pretend to be a beggar. Yeah, it would be better to put some mud or herbs on her face.

    Feng Jiu, glanced at him, "You're not planning to travel like this, are you?"

    Hell's Lord raised his eyebrows, "Otherwise?"

    "Put your uncle beard on and change into a less conspicuous robe!" She raised her chin gently, her face a little conceited. She smilingly spoke in a relaxed tone, "I should be the only good-looking one. Otherwise, it's too eye-catching to walk together. Sigh, I don't think it's a good scene."

    Hell's Lord's forehead was filled with black lines. He glanced at her oddly. "This Lord thinks it would be better for you to replace your gown with a beggar's costume and put some dirt on your face. Would you like to get a change of clothes?"

    "That won't do!"

    Feng Jiu glared at him. "I'm going to go out and woo some beauties!" She started laughing. "I think my handsome looks and elegant manner will make beautiful girls' hearts aflutter. So, don't spoil my plan. Change your clothes quickly and then put on a beard. It's much better for you to use that uncle appearance."

    Leng Shuang watched on with a gentle expression, her lips were smiling faintly. Leng Hua, in contrast, was grinning broadly. He was both excited and thrilled to see his mistress, dazzlingly arrayed in red, harassing Hell's Lord.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One behind Hell's Lord cast a glance at each other and they both retreated quietly. Fortunately, Master had changed his clothes before leaving for the journey and picked out the jade belt and the colour of his robe. Never thought that Ghost Doctor felt that Master was so dazzlingly handsome and afraid he would snatch her glory, thus telling him to change into an uncle's appearance.

    Well, although using Ling Mo Han's identity would be more convenient in their journey outside, Master had planned to display his vast attractiveness as a man along the way. He had also planned to entice Ghost Doctor with his male charm. If he now had to change into an uncle's outfit, how could this idea be implemented?

    They glanced at their master quietly and could not help mourning for him. Needless to say, at the end of the day, Master would follow Ghost Doctor's suggestion and transformed into a middle-aged man to travel with her.

    Sure enough, while these two men were still pondering, they heard their master's voice.

    "This Lord has got a change of clothes. Come in and help me." He spoke while walking toward Feng Jiu's room.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One shook their heads and thought inwardly,

    "Henpecked husband!"
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