497 Grandfather appears

    Feng Jiu and her entourage travelled neither by riding on horses nor on carriages. They left on an airship. Besides the reluctant-to-part Feng Guards and constantly worrying Feng Xiao, nobody else sent them off on their journey.

    Now the Feng clan ruled the Phoenix Empire and powerful people were protecting the country. Even though it was highly unusual that an airship flew out of the palace, people seeing it were only surprised but didn't talk about it afterwards.

    Little Devouring Cloud Beast and Old White lay down at the outer deck of the airship. From time to time they poked their heads out to look at the clouds.

    Leng Hua had been smiling happily like a child who was brought out to play by the adults. In spite of being scared of height at the beginning, he gradually adapted. His expression now only reflected joy.

    Unlike other passengers, he first familiarized himself inside and out with the airship. He then prepared refreshments so that people could drink tea, eat snacks while chatting and relaxing on the ship.

    Hell's Lord sat outside watching the airship flying forward. He glanced at a pair of beautiful eyes blinking with cunning and alertness. Feng Jiu was looking at him with a smile. He took a sip of tea.

    "Speak up! What kind of idea you had?"

    "Hey hey." Feng Jiu laughed embarrassedly, but her eyes were glittering. "Uncle, can we get into a third-grade country using your status?"

    The more powerful the country, the more solid proof of identity needed for entry. A passage jade token was not easy to get.

    "So you want to go to a third-grade country? Which one? What is the reason?" He asked more questions instead of giving her a direct answer.

    Feng Jiu sat straight, her face wreathed in smiles. "I obtained some clues that my grandfather was in a third-grade Great Concord Country. I didn't want to travel to a remote mountainous area. I want to go to that country to inquire for news."

    Ling Mo Han shot a glance at her, "Aren't you an Alchemist? Why don't you go to the Alchemist Guild and get an Alchemist badge? With your talent in alchemy, you should also be able to reach the Saint Rank Alchemist. Using this status, let alone the third-grade countries, you can freely enter second-class countries.

    She frowned. "I've seen that information. Only the third-grade countries' Alchemy Guilds have the ability to assess the level of Saint rank Alchemist. Only Ancestor rank Alchemist can be obtained if at the level below third-grade countries."

    "Aren't we going to Great Concord Country? At that time look for an opportunity, get assessed for Saint rank level Alchemist first before going back." He planned in secret. If she only had the identity of the Phoenix Empire's princess, she still could not get into the eyes of those people. But, it would be different if she could obtain the respected and awe-inspiring Alchemist badge.

    Without being aware of what Hell's Lord was planning, Feng Jiu was also making some plans. Her mother was in the first-grade Kingdom of Heaven She was thinking of a way to get there. Since the Saint rank Alchemist badge was proof of identity to enter all countries, how could she obtain it?

    The airship travelled through the clouds smoothly, with its passengers carried many thoughts and expectations, heading for the Great Concord Country...

    At this time, in a certain family at the Great Concord Country, old patriarch Feng was in a great vigour. With a wine gourd from Feng Jiu hanging around his waist, he slipped away stealthily to the back wall and looked left and right. When he saw nobody was around, he planned to climb the wall and steal away.

    "Where are you going?"

    A gentle female's voice was heard. It startled him so much that he slipped and fell off the wall.
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