498 A beautiful woman’s kindness is the most difficult to bear

    However, what awaited him was not the hard ground, but a gentle and fragrant embrace.

    Old Patriarch Feng went stiff and dared not move for a moment. He raised his voice albeit with a voice much quieter than mosquitoes, "Su, Su Xi ah. It's not very good to be like this, this doesn't look too good. Release me quickly, and let me come down."

    The secret guard in the hiding place saw this. His lips curved and he shifted his eyes away from the scene.

    Could this be good to look at? An old man was embraced by a beautiful woman who seemed to be only in her twenties. Nobody could stand to see this image.

    The woman wore a simple yet elegant dark green robe with the same coloured belt around her waist. Its delicate tassels fell on her waist. Her skirt fluttered gently in the breeze, her dark as ink hair was pulled back lightly beautifully, her countenance was noble and pretty. She looked sweet-tempered and beautiful.

    At this time, she frowned a bit and a smile appeared in her luminous eyes. She looked at the man in her arms, and her voice was gentle with a hint of a joke. "This doesn't look good? How come? I think it's very good."

    Noticing his tension, she wrinkled her eyebrows again and scolded him. "Look at you! You're not that young anymore. Why are you still trying to climb the wall like a naughty boy? Fortunately, I caught you. If not, you'll get a fractured bone."

    Old Patriarch Feng was so ashamed that he wanted to find a place to hole up. When he was caught, he covered his face with his sleeves to hide it from everyone's view. But he was held in her arms, not daring to struggle nor move a muscle. Heaven knows that he lived for so many years. What he feared most was not his dead father or his dead wife, but the woman who had been waiting for him silently for his whole life.

    She was born in the third-grade Great Concord Country with enviable family background, a peerless appearance and character. She was unmarried her whole life, silently waiting. He was wracked with guilt. So this time, when he was captured by her people, although he was angry, he was unable to vent his anger. What's more, her brother was his sworn brother. This was truly a headache for him.

    Even though he could be said an old fogey and she was ten years younger than him, she had taken Foundation Visage pills to keep her face at its peak. She looked like a girl not older than twenty years old. How could this old fool have such a wistful thought?

    With just this thought, he felt so ashamed as to burrow a hole to hide.

    Watching his being so embarrassed as to cover his face with his sleeves, Lin Su Xi pursed her lips and put him down. Who would have thought that as soon as he landed, he slipped away to his room like a wisp of smoke.

    She could only stare while scolding resentfully.

    "Feng San Yuan! Do you think you can hide? You're always avoiding me! How many years have you been trying to hide? Believe it or not, I will deal with you directly tonight!"

    Upon hearing this, Old Patriarch Feng, stepping on the threshold, plopped on the ground due to fright. He bumped the door open with his head and rolled inside. He turned around to look at the beautiful woman who was still boiling with anger. He turned pale and slammed the door shut in a hurry. A thumping sound was then heard as if he was blocking the door and window with objects inside the room.

    The secret guards were so surprised by these fierce words that their chins almost fell off. They swallowed and looked at the simple yet elegant, sweet-tempered beauty. If they hadn't heard it with their own ears, they would not have believed that such tough words had come out of her mouth.

    When Lin Su Xi saw his reaction after hearing her words, she couldn't help but felt shocked...
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