499 A foolish woman

    "Ha ha ha ha..."

    They heard a burst of loud laughter. A man who seemed to be in his forties stepped out. He was garbed in a simple black robe. Even though his face was always dignified, at this moment he couldn't help smiling. There was a hint of helplessness when his gaze fell on the simple yet elegant woman.

    "Su Xi, you'll frighten San Yuan."

    The person arriving was the Lin clan's master, Lin Bo Heng. He was also Lin Su Xi's elder brother and Old Patriarch Feng's sworn big brother.

    Although Lin Bo Heng was older than Old Patriarch Feng, his face remained at its peak. He looked like a man who had just entered middle age. There was no sign of him being weighed down with age. As the head of the Lin clan, his cultivation was outstanding. He had just entered the Nascent Soul stage some time ago.

    "Big brother."

    She turned her head toward him and then looked at the tightly shut door with a frown on her face. "Look, he hides from me like a mouse seeing a cat. It's as if I'm a cruel and evil person. Am I really that awful?"

    She could not help touching her face during their conversation. For the first time in her life she was not confident about her face. She even doubted whether her decision to take Foundation Visage pills to keep her face young was correct. If today she looked as old as he was, would he be more receptive to her?

    Looking at his younger sister, Lin Bo Heng's eyes were full of pity. Their family consisted of four brothers and only one younger sister. Not only did their parents love her like she were a precious treasure, but also the four brothers grew up with her in their arms.

    But nobody expected that he would bring home a sworn younger brother that he met while away from home that year. As a result, the girl took a fancy to him at a glance. But at that time, San Yuan was already married and the woman was pregnant with his child. Everyone advised her at that time, and even collected the portraits of the outstanding young unmarried men in the whole city for her to choose. But the girl was as obstinate as a mule.

    Seeing that she felt so determined about San Yuan, his whole family gathered together and called San Yuan to discuss. They did not care that he was from a ninth-grade small country, they only hoped that he could treat Su Xi well and let him take her as an equal wife.

    Who knew, this girl directly refused this matter. He still clearly remembered that she said with a resolute face, "I am not sorry that I, Lin Su Xi, fall in love with Feng San Yuan. However, I do not want to be a villainess who destroys other people's family. I can't stand being the other woman. As he has a lawfully wedded wife, I will wait."

    This one wait had stretched into long decades.

    She watched from afar, as she said, without destroying his family, without letting his wife know that there was such a woman as her waiting foolishly. She watched on as his child was born, this husband and wife had a loving affection, their child grow up, and then they had a granddaughter...

    Decades of foolish waiting made her heart not just tired but also scarred. At the suggestion of her family, she went to a closed door cultivation and turned her yearning into a motivation for her cultivation. She cultivated day and night without listening to outside news, without thinking about that person.

    Until recently, when she left the closed door cultivation, she knew that his wife had passed away more than a decade ago. So it was not until then that she sent someone to take captive.

    Lin Bo Heng sighed softly. "Su Xi, take it slowly. San Yuan knows your heart, but it is guilt that makes him unable to face you. You've waited for him for decades, that's not too late."
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