500 Drenched in cold swea

    "I know." Her eyebrows smoothed out and a gentle smile appeared on her face. "I feel happy now that I can see him by my side."

    Lin Bo Heng looked at her strangely when he heard this statement. He gave a dry cough and asked, "He's an old man now. Do you still like him? Although you two are no more than ten years apart, your appearance has always remained the same while his face has changed. Why don't you think again?"

    There! In fact, he couldn't understand what his sister really thought of San Yuan. That was fine when one was still young, when he still had a great body. But what did she see in an old fogey who was now over sixty years old?

    Well, that wasn't his fault, but now they were so different in appearance, they looked really awkward. It was because San Yuan looked so old, while Su Xi still looked so young. Even though he knew that San Yuan's wife had passed away these years, he had not told Su Xi. Who would have thought...

    However, Su Xi smiled and told Lin Bo Heng, "Big Brother, he's always been Brother San Yuan. He's never changed."

    "Sigh! Alright, alright, suit yourself. Anyway, you kidnapped him, I don't care." He waved his hand and suddenly said, "Look, I was distracted by your thing and almost forgot some important matters."

    "What kind of important matters?"

    "I'm going to let San Yuan come out. It's his Feng clan affair." Lin Bo Heng said with a laugh. He went to the tightly shut door, shouting, "San Yuan, come out quickly. There's good news for you."

    "Big brother, if you have something to say, I can hear you here. I will not go out." Old Patriarch Feng, hiding inside the room, had blocked the door and already drank a lot of wine to control his fear. His old face turned red and his limbs trembled slightly as if he was really frightened.

    Could he not be this scared? He already was an old bag of bones, he really shouldn't freak out.

    Hearing his trembling voice, Lin Bo Heng turned his head toward his sister and stared at her. This man was so frightened that he even trembled in his speech.

    Su Xi was upset with him just before she said such words, now she felt a little embarrassed. He was really frightened by her words, then. For a while, she was somewhat at a loss.

    She didn't really want to scare him.

    "Big brother San Yuan, please come out! I was only joking!" She opened her mouth in mortification.

    Old Patriarch Feng sat on the floor and blocked the door. He held the wine gourd in his hand and took a few more gulps. He shook his head instinctively at her words. "No, I won't go out even if you kill me!"

    Su Xi looked toward her brother, beseeching his help.

    "Return first! I'll have a chat with him." Lin Bo Heng smiled and waved his hand, hinting her to leave first.

    "All right then!" She could only respond grudgingly. But after thinking about it, she didn't feel at ease. "Big brother, don't let Sanyuan go. If you really let him leave, he will certainly go into hiding."

    "I know, I know."

    Lin Bo Heng sighed inwardly. Seeing that she's already left, he shook his head and knocked on the door. "San Yuan, Su Xi has left. Open the door. I really have something to tell you. It's your Feng clan's important matter."

    Old Patriarch Feng listened and thought of the matter over the Feng clan's estate. He was also anxious. Immediately, he asked, "Has she really left?"

    "Mm, she's gone." Lin Bo Heng answered, smiling.

    Old Patriarch Feng removed the chair and table that he used to block the door. Then he cracked the door open carefully and poked his head out to search the surroundings. After making sure that she was indeed not there, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

    "Phew! Scaring this old man - I'm drenched in cold sweat."
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