501 Shocking News

    Lin Bo Heng shook his head with a laugh, "You! Living in plenty without appreciating it. What's wrong with Su Xi to make you run away from her like seeing a snake or a scorpion?"

    Old Patriarch Feng smiled bitterly. "Big Brother, don't make fun of me. You clearly know that's she's too good, I don't deserve her. I'm an old fogey. How could I dare to think about that?"

    "What are you saying? Su Xi was not saying this for fun. She can wait for you for decades, and she can even wait forever. Deal with it yourself, I can't help you with that." He stepped in and saw that the tables and chairs in his room were in a mess. He shook his head, "Let's sit outside in the courtyard! Look at you here, what have you become?"

    Then he turned and walked out. He sat down at the stone table in the courtyard and ordered people to prepare tea and bring it to him.

    Old Patriarch Feng followed him and sat down opposite him. He asked anxiously, "Big Brother, you said there is news about my Feng clan? What's the news? How is my granddaughter now? Did Murong Bo take advantage of my absence to bully her?"

    Since he was kidnapped, he had always kept his family's affairs in mind. Feng Xiao disappearance and all the other things were done by Little Feng. However, he did not know whether the Murong Bo will have schemes against her. Although she was outstanding, she was still young after all. How could she be Murong Bo's opponent?

    "Hehe, your granddaughter is not ordinary!" Lin Bo Heng laughed. Facing him, he said, "Do you know that these few days Sun Glory Country was turned upside down?"

    Seeing his nervous face and worries in his eyes, Lin Bo Heng did not keep him in suspense. He explained, "Sun Glory Country has disappeared and Murong Bo has perished. Your Feng clan wield power over the country and changed its name to the Phoenix Empire. The ruler is your son, Feng Xiao. The news spread in a few short days."

    "Wha..what? How is this possible?" Old Patriarch Feng was astonished, he found it so inconceivable. It was not long passed and Murong Bo already died? The Sun Glory Country had transformed into the Phoenix Empire? It now became their Feng clan's? How was this possible?

    "What is impossible? Your granddaughter is so remarkable! " He laughed and told him the news in detail. When it came to the fact that a powerful man had come to help them kill a Nascent Soul cultivator, his face turned somewhat odd.

    A powerful Nascent Soul was rare, but killing a Nascent Soul Old Monster with a snap of a finger was even less common. Such a person was absolutely from the first-grade strong country. However, how could such a powerful person grace an insignificant ninth-grade country and an inconspicuous Feng clan with his presence? Besides, he was also protecting them?

    Old Patriarch Feng listened to his story with a shocked expression. It was as if waves upon waves were crashing about in his mind. So unexpected, it was so unexpected ah! Sun Glory Country had turned into the Phoenix Empire ruled by their Feng clan, and the ruler was his son? This felt like a dream!

    Feng Xiao and Little Feng, those people had big guts!

    "I came to tell you right after receiving the news so that you would not worry about what would happen to the Feng clan. Now shouldn't you feel at ease when you hear the news?" He smiled. When Lin Bo Heng looked at his incredulous face, he broke into laughter.

    Obviously, San Yuan did not have his granddaughter's courage and methods. Although he did not see her personally, people could see from her lightning fast and fierce way of doing things that this woman was absolutely extraordinary!
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