502 Please fulfill her

    After quite a while, Old Patriarch Feng finally recovered. He muttered, "How can I be at ease? Is it so easy to rule a country? Feng Xiao is a military general. If he starts to use his mind and stratagem, he won't be able to do it at all. Now that he has become the ruler, I'm afraid that the surrounding countries would be restless. No way, I have to rush back. If I don't go back, I won't feel relieved!"

    "Didn't you listen to me just now? Your son is now stronger than you. He has reached the Martial Emperor rank. Additionally, when he had his breakthrough, the city was showered with heaven's blessings that night. His position as the country ruler is stable. You don't need to worry that others can shake his position. Moreover, with the powerful people guarding it, the surrounding small countries would not dare to offend your Phoenix Empire."

    Lin Bo Heng continued: "From the news, I can say that your son and granddaughter are not so useless as what you said. My people told me that the Phoenix Empire is now stable in all aspects. After learning about what happened, the surrounding small countries sent them congratulatory gifts. The country became stable, both inside and outside, in such a short time thanks to not only your son and granddaughter's abilities but also from having powerful protectors."

    "Didn't you say that there are four Golden Core cultivators? No ninth-grade countries' ordinary army can resist those four Golden Core cultivators. So you can stay here and be at ease! Don't think about leaving. You also heard it earlier. When Su Xi was leaving she entrusted me to not let you slip away. As her big brother, naturally I can't let her down."

    "Then, Big Brother, do you have the heart to let me down?" Old Patriarch Feng wanted to cry but had no tears. He thought this was a good opportunity to return, but who would imagine that everything was steady and stable in the Phoenix Empire and did not need this old man to come and help. These people wanted to keep him here and also there's Su Xi. Just thinking about this made his scalp numb.

    "I'm just a wretched old man. I really don't deserve to be with Su Xi. Big Brother, please persuade her!" He was a force to be reckoned with in Cloudy Moon City, but when he arrived here, his strength was simply not comparable to them. Even though he wanted to escape, he had no chance to flee this place.

    He had a burst of anxiety just thinking about it. What should he do if Su Xi was dreading him running away and then really forced him to marry her? He was drenched in cold sweat and his hands and feet shook.

    "Mm, I agree, you're a wretched old man. You look much older than me. But whose fault was it that she was a person with a one-track mind? I did persuade her. Since my efforts didn't work, I would like to persuade you. It's hard to come by for Su Xi to be so sincere with you, so please fulfill her!"

    Even he couldn't help laughing. Fine, he thought they were a strange pair and were not a good fit. However, there were no medicinal pills or any kind of medicine that could bring people back their youthfulness in this world. Otherwise, he would get it for him to make him feel better.

    "Big brother!"

    Old patriarch Feng was speechless, he couldn't stand his jokes. It's not funny. Rather, it's too shameful. He really had no face.

    Since it got him nowhere, then, he would think of other ways. He did not believe that he really could not slip out of the Lin clan.

    A plan formed in his mind but his face remained emotionless. He looked at Lin Bo Heng sitting opposite him drinking tea. A glimmer flashed in his eyes, he asked, "Big Brother, I've been here for some time. Shouldn't I be able to go out for a walk?"
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