503 Entering Great Concord Country

    Lin Bo Heng had lived for nearly a hundred years. Could he have no idea about what Old Patriarch Feng had in mind? He just looked at him and said with a smile, "Of course, if you want to go out, let Su Xi accompany you. You haven't been here for so many years, there are many changes in this place. It's good to walk around and see."

    "Big Brother, truthfully, I just want to hide when I see Su Xi. I'm really afraid of her." Old Patriarch Feng did not drink the tea but took a sip from the wine gourd. "If you tell my son and granddaughter about this, how can I bear it?"

    Lin Bo Heng was not pleased to hear this. His face fell. "What? She's not to your liking? You're losing face? You're the one who made her wait for many long years, yet you just think about that old face of yours. Why don't you think about how much gossip a woman has to endure for so many years? Why don't you think how hard it is for her to do that?"

    "Big Brother, you know I don't mean that." Old Patriarch Feng sighed, he did not know what to say. If this went on, the more he talked, the more chaotic it would be.

    Lin Bo Heng put down his teacup and stood up. "You know us Lin clan very well. There are no restrictions on your actions in the estate apart from not wanting you to leave. You can go wherever you want to go and visit whichever place you want. I've told you all. People in the estate wouldn't dare to disrespect you. Do you still have anything you're dissatisfied with?"

    "Besides, we haven't seen each other for so many years. Now that you are at the Lin clan's, shouldn't we get together and have a drink? But look at you! You're hiding the whole day in this courtyard."

    "What's more, you haven't seen Su Xi for so many years, yet why didn't you chat with her? Ask how she's been these years. Think it over! Don't always think about running away. If you slip away, I will help Su Xi go to the Phoenix Empire to arrest you."

    After saying these words, Lin Bo Heng did not stay. He stepped away to give him space to think well.

    Old Patriarch Feng sighed and sat in the courtyard drinking. The secret guards in the dark looked at each other in dismay. They really didn't have a clue that such a happy occasion had so many entanglements.

    A few days later, an airship gradually approached the border town of Great Concord Country. Feng Jiu didn't want to attract attention, so she wanted everyone to get off the airship and go to the city gate on foot. Ling Mo Han said it didn't matter, so the airship stopped outside the city gate.

    Airships were common sights in third-grade countries. It was unlike in the small ninth-grade countries, where people would crowd in to watch it. However, they would still be observed by the surrounding people not only because of the luxurious spacecraft but also their outstanding dress and appearance. It was really impossible for them to escape people's notice.

    The city guards regarded them as the young generations from aristocratic families. Therefore, when they came near, the person in charge of inspecting their proof of identity made it more convenient for them. He didn't require them to line up. He came directly in front of them to authenticate their jade tokens.

    Ling Mo Han stood beside Feng Jiu all the time and did not go forward. Only Gray Wolf came forward and handed over something. The gatekeeper looked astonished and saluted them respectfully. He quickly opened the gate and let them enter the city.

    The guard's respectful attitude as well as giving them direct access without any other authentication made those who were still waiting in line admire them greatly.
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