504 A boundless charm

    "Who are you guys? How can we enter directly without being asked anything, just by flashing something to him?" Feng Jiu, sitting astride Old White, turned around. The combination of her red robe and white color of the horse was very elegant.

    Her heart held some curiosity. At that time, she couldn't see what Gray Wolf took out. She only knew that it looked like a jade token. What kind of identity jade token could make the city guards show such a differential look?

    Naturally, that token represents my identity." Hell's Lord glanced at the dazzlingly enchanting woman riding on the horse and thought that the combination of her red robe and white horse really fit her.

    Especially when she dressed up in men's clothes, she had a valiant and heroic temperament coupled with an unrestrained charm. The corner of her eyes curved up, as her gaze was exceptionally mesmerizing. She was fully aware that her charm was boundless, able to impact both genders, men and women. While on the horse back, she occasionally threw glances at young girls on both sides of the street, making his expression darken.

    This woman was indeed true to her words. She moved about in men's clothes to go out and woo girls.

    His penetrating eyes swept across the busy street ahead and landed in a restaurant about a hundred meters away. With a chilly and gloomy voice he ordered, "Go there first. I'll have Gray Wolf buy a map of the Great Concord Country so that we know where the Alchemist Guild is."

    Feng Jiu, still on Old White's back, winked. At that exact time, she saw a lump of ball hurled toward her. She instinctively caught it. When she looked down, she was stunned to see seasonal fruits wrapped in a handkerchief.

    She looked up and saw several women on the second floor nearby looking at her bashfully. When their eyes met, those women smiled shyly at her.

    Seeing this, she lifted her eyebrows lightly and curved her lips in an alluring smile. Not enough with that, she took the sweet-smelling fruits wrapped in a handkerchief in her hand and sniffed them enchantingly, causing those ladies to scream excitedly. Some of them threw some fruits wrapped in their handkerchiefs at her in a frenzy.

    Suddenly, there was a startling scene in the main street. The women on the street, even young women inside the tea shops on both sides of the street, threw fruits wrapped in handkerchiefs at the handsome young master in red garb.

    In order to avoid being hit, Feng Jiu could only reach out and caught a few of those bundles. She opened them to see all the fruits and other things. Seeing this, his beautiful face showed little complacency and said softly, "This young master's charm is indeed boundless. There are so many fruits, no need to buy any."

    With a smile on his face, Leng Hua took out a basket and put all the fruits in it. The basket overflowed with red and green fruits together with those handkerchiefs made the street vendors and the shopkeepers on both side of the streets broke out in astonished chatters.

    "Who is that? Where does a handsome and outstanding young master come from? He made most of the city's young girls come running, what a skill."

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One curved their lips watching all these from the side. Then they looked at their master's gloomy expression. A chilly aura was emitted all over his body. They did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    Well, really! This Ghost Doctor was clearly female.She didn't put on a skirt and had a habit of wearing men's clothes. Once she changed into men's outfit, she looked truly becoming! But what's the matter with those women on the street? If those women knew that the noble young master who captivated their hearts was actually a woman, how splendid would their expressions be?
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