505 As passionate as fire

    Finally, their entourage arrived at the restaurant after much difficulties. Feng Jiu handed Old White's rein to a young waiter who then tied it up beside the restaurant, while the Little Cloud Devouring Beast stayed with Feng Jiu and dashed inside. When she looked around, she almost jumped in shock. Behind her, dozens of young women looked at her with infatuated eyes. This sight made her smiling face turned stiff.

    "Young master, where are you from?"

    "Young master, my family owns an inn, it's just ahead. You and your men can stay there for free."

    "Young master, my family is a big landlord in this city. We have several unoccupied courtyards. You can stay in my house temporarily if you'd like."

    "Young master..."

    People continued to come over and surround her, their offers were accompanied with both eagerness and excitement. Feng Jiu smiled awkwardly in front of those soft gazes exuding tenderness and love. She looked at Ling Mo Han, as if asking for his aid. He only snorted coldly and stepped inside.

    "I appreciate your kindness, ladies. Please return!" After flashing a smile and speaking a few words in haste, she hurried into the restaurant's second floor.

    Gray Wolf and others blocked the entrance until until Feng Jiu went to the second floor, then they turned around and followed her upstairs.

    The crowd of women gradually dispersed, but one or two still stayed at the door and were unwilling to leave. From time to time, they were looking at the second floor, hoping that Feng Jiu would come out again so that they could have another look.

    Feng Jiu entered the room at the wing of the restaurant. She exhaled softly, "This city's girls are really passionate." She felt a bit intimidated. How did they all catch up?

    "Aren't you enjoying it?" Ling Mo Han's eyes swept over her. His tone was cold.

    "A beautiful woman's kindness is the most difficult to bear. It's not good when you receive it in excess, too difficult to digest!" She smiled and poured a cup of water.

    At this time, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua came in. Shadow One was outside guarding the door, while Gray Wolf went to buy Great Concord Country's map.

    "Mistress, I've washed the fruits." Leng Hua put the basket filled with the fruits on the table and then retreated to the side.

    "It's quite a lot." She picked a piece of fruit and ate it. She told Leng Shuang and Leng Hua,"Take some. It's so much, we can't finish all this." She also handed one piece to Ling Mo Han sitting next to her. "Hey, it's from my admirers."

    "No need." He poured some water and drank it. He closed his eyes without looking at her. He also did not take the fruit.

    Feng Jiu also did not force him to. After eating two pieces of fruits, almost all the dishes were ready to be served. Because their party only consisted of a few people, she made Leng Shuang and Leng Hua sit down to eat together. She yelled, "Shadow One, come in and eat together! Let's eat while waiting for Gray Wolf to return."

    Shadow One didn't dare to go in. Eating at the same table with the master? It would be a wonder if he could manage to eat.

    "No need, they can get something to eat when they are hungry." Ling Mo Han poured some wine to accompany the dishes.

    Leng Shuang and Leng Hua's positions were not as distant as them. Feng Jiu let them sit down and eat together with her. They were not holding back either. They could take whatever they want. Gray Wolf waited until the people inside had their fill and then returned.

    "Master, Ghost Doctor, this is Great Concord's map. The address of the Alchemist Guild is written on it. I saw that if we go by a flying boat from here, we should arrive in a half day." He spoke while pointing at a place marked on the map.

    "Mm, let's go after we finish the meal."

    She didn't want to stay here too long. After getting the Saint rank alchemist badge, she had to inquire about her grandfather's news.
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