506 Great Concord’s Black Marke

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One also ordered several dishes. After they had eaten, their party departed again. This time, because they had entered the border town of Great Concord, the flying boat could be taken out directly to use.

    As soon as Feng Jiu flicked her sleeves, a luxurious airship appeared. Just when the crowd exclaimed in admiration, the party stepped inside the airship one by one. Old White and Little Cloud Devouring Beast leapt on the boat nimbly and found a place to lie down.

    "Look! That airship is so luxurious. Those people really come from the nobility. Only the noblemen can afford such a grand airship!"

    "That young master clad in red robe is so outstanding in his manners. That kind of appearance is not of an ordinary family."

    "Yes, you see their entourage. Each one of them can't be trifled with, especially that bearded man. His whole body emits a cold aura."

    Watching that group of people leaving in a luxurious airship, some women were filled with sadness. That person was so outstanding, he was definitely not from the same world as them.

    After half a day's journey, they arrived at the town where the Alchemist Guild was located. They got off the airship at the city gate and went to the guild on foot.

    Perhaps frightened by the women in the border town, Feng Jiu didn't dare to ride on Old White's back while looking elegant and unrestrained. She let Leng Hua led Old White by the reins. As for Cloud Devouring Beast, it was staying obediently by her side. Its tiny and plump, snow-white body frequently attracted the attention of some women and children.

    Feng Jiu saw that the dusk was approaching and the sky gradually getting dark. She told the others, "It's getting late. We'd better find a place to rest for a night and go back tomorrow morning."

    "Mm." Ling Mo Han agreed, he had no objection.

    Since neither masters had any objection, the followers were, of course, had no complaints. They found an inn not too far from the Alchemist Guild.

    After finished assigning the rooms, Ling Mo Han thought about going out with her. Who would have thought that after knocking on the door for a long time without getting any response, Gray Wolf went forward, "Master, this subordinate saw Ghost..." He glanced around, swallowed back the words 'Ghost Doctor' and said, "Saw Young Master Jiu brought those two attendants shopping with him."

    Ling Mo Han's expression turned grim. He directly turned around without waiting for Gray Wolf to finish speaking. He swept a cold glance at him and then returned to his room.

    Gray Wolf scratched his nose, looking at Shadow One standing guard outside the door. He inquired wordlessly, did I say something wrong again?

    Shadow One glanced at him, then immediately shifted his gaze away.

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu was in an excellent mood. She walked about the main street with Leng Shuang and Leng Hua. She asked Leng Hua, "How is it? Is it quite lively outside?"

    Leng Hua's eyes were glittering. It's hard to hide his joy and happiness. "Mm, thank you, Mistress, for bringing me out." Before, he was not in good health and could not go out often. Later, he followed his Mistress mostly inside the estate. This was the first time he came to such a place and saw the prosperity of a great country.

    "There will be opportunities in the future." She smiled. She was looking around aimlessly. Then, she turned left and right all the way, as if she was following a route.

    They followed quietly and did not ask much until they stopped at a place where the black market sign was hanging on the door. They finally understood that their Mistress actually wanted to visit the black market, even if she originally told them they were going for a stroll.

    "Young Master, we are already closed today. Come back tomorrow if you have business here." The sentry at the gate blocked Feng Jiu's path. His voice was chilly.
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