507 Black Command Token Appears!

    Feng Jiu looked askance at them, "This Young Master is looking for the one in charge here." While speaking, she handed over a command token.

    When the guard saw the token, his eyes shrank. He took it at once with both hands and respectfully told her, "Come in, Young Master . I'll report to my superior immediately."

    One man quickly took the token to report to the steward, while the other took them inside. After bringing them to the people inside, the guard withdrew. The people inside took them to the hall and served them tea and pastries.

    The steward was chatting with two middle-aged men in the side room. When he heard a knock at the door, he scolded, "You have no eyes! Don't you know I'm hosting distinguished guests?"

    The sound of knocking on the door outside paused and the guard hesitated a bit. Nevertheless, he made the report, "Steward, someone came to see you with a black market command token."

    The steward was surprised to hear this news. He looked at the other two. When those two gave him a nod, he said, "Come in!"

    The guard came in. He did not dare to look around but respectfully handed the black market command token to him. "Steward, this is our black market's black command token. This subordinate didn't dare to neglect them and let them be brought to the hall."

    The steward took a look and saw that it was signifying the black market's honourable representative. With surprise, he handed the token to the two people sitting beside him, "What kind of person is the one bringing this black command token?"

    "He's a handsome Young Master in a red robe. He appeared to be around fifteen or sixteen years old. There are only two attendants on his side, a man and a woman." The guard reported.

    "Mm, you can withdraw." He waved and motioned him to retreat.


    The guard withdrew and closed the door. At this time, those three people in the room spoke again.

    "This black command token is indeed ours. Every gift of black command token must be registered and reported. Moreover, it is not easy for ordinary people to get this token. How can such a stripling youth have a black command token?"

    "No matter how he got it, whenever a person bringing a black command token comes, I have to meet him in person." When the steward wanted to retrieve the black command token, the middle-aged man holding the token moved his hand away from him. He was startled, not knowing what he meant.

    "This black command token is not able to recognize people though." He said suddenly, looking at the steward.

    The steward and the middle-aged man beside him were shocked. After some time, the manager frowned slightly. He said, "That's not good. We are all working on the black market. We should know the rules. Moreover, if the youngster can get the black command token, his identity is not simple. If the top brass knows, we can't afford the consequences."

    "Let me go with you to take a look. I also want to know, where on earth this youngster come from? How could he own a black command token?" The middle-aged man stood up, looked at the black command in his hand and said, "It's still undetermined whether this token is his either."

    The man next to him tried to advise him. Only his lips moved, but he didn't say anything at all. Instead, he also stood up. He was going to see what kind of person he was.

    Knowing their minds, the steward sighed softly, "But first, I'd like to give you a reminder. The other party brings a black command token which means he is our black market's most honourable guest. You can't mess up."

    "Messing up? Haha, you think too much." The middle-aged man smiled and made a gesture to let him go first.

    The three men left the room and went to the hall.
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