508 Is there any difference?

    When they arrived at the hall, their sights fell on the youth in red. Their eyes flashed when they saw that the young man was extraordinarily handsome. They went inside quietly, without batting an eyelid.

    The young man was sitting on the left side of the hall. His dazzling red robe was like fire and his exquisite and handsome appearance was a rarity, hard to find anywhere. Even though he seemed to have only profound energy, there was an aura of a Martial Master in him. Such a young man, who possessed Martial Master rank cultivation, could only be a child of an influential family since he had some innate skills.

    They observed the youth and noticed that instead of sitting in a neat and upright position like the noble family's children, he sat with his legs crossed. His indolence carried somewhat free and unaffected flair, while also somewhat wanton and unrestrained.

    Sitting in the hall, the youth did not have a trace of nervousness. On the contrary, there was a kind of chilly aura on his body, a kind of evil aura which did not match his seemingly innocuous and beautiful appearance. It was this kind of evil aura that made the three people who came in take back their original thoughts.

    They directly ignored the man and woman standing behind him because those attendants' strength were lacking.

    "Haha, I let the honoured guest wait for a long time." The steward collected his thoughts and put a warm smile on his face. Without caring that the other party was only a youth of about fifteen or sixteen years old, he came forward and cupped his fists in greeting.

    "My surname is Huang, the steward of this black market. How should I address this Honoured Guest?"

    From the time they came in, Feng Jiu was already aware of their measuring gazes. She did not pay attention to them. She pursed her lips after taking in a sip of tea, then lifted her eyes towards them.

    Her eyes swept past toward the two men behind Steward Huang. With a light glance at Steward Huang, she could see that he was a Gold Core cultivator. She was not surprised that he had such high rank since the higher the level of the black market in a country, the higher the strength of the steward.

    The two men behind him were also Golden Core cultivators. They were all in the middle stages. However, when one of them looked at her, how could she be so unhappy?

    "I don't know if Steward Huang is here to receive a guest or just came over to look at me?" She closed her eyes, holding the cup in one hand and scraping the tea water carelessly with the lid in the other.

    Steward Huang's eyes glimmered and then he laughed, "Haha, I have not given introductions to the honoured guest. These two are attendants of Great Concord Black Market and were actually discussing something with me. They happen to hear that someone has brought black command token over, and they were also filled with curiosity. We hope Honoured Guest do not take offence."

    "Oh? It turned out to be the black market's people." She nodded, put down her cup and stood up. Her eyes fell on the two men. She said, "I have something to talk to the Steward Huang. Should these men give us some privacy?"

    "Actually, I happen to have something to discuss with Young Master. I want to take a little of your time." As the middle-aged man said, his eyes fell on Feng Jiu and he did not intend to skirt the issue.

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at the middle-aged man who had just come in and looked at her with great displeasure. With a flick of her robe, she sat back on the chair again, leaned back against the back of the chair and asked with some interest, "What do you want to talk to me about? Speak, I'll take a listen."

    "I don't know if this black command token is Young Master's? Or is it your esteemed father's?" The middle-aged man spoke directly.

    As soon as the words came out, Feng Jiu's eyes sparkled and her smile deepened. "Is there any difference?"
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