509 Replacing an original with a fake

    "If it's Young Master's, I want to discuss with you about borrowing the black command token. Of course, I won't let you suffer any losses. I can rent it at a high price, just give me a quote."

    The middle-aged man actually said such a thing perhaps due to Feng Jiu's young age. As soon as he said it, the man next to him and Steward Huang couldn't help but gave him a startled look. Their lips moved but no words came out. They fixed their eyes on the youth in red.

    However, Feng Jiu laughed and looked at Steward Huang with slight curiosity, "Can the black market's black command order be rented out like this?"

    Steward Huang smiled awkwardly while looking at the middle-aged man. Then he told Feng Jiu, "There is no such thing in the black market, Young Master." With a low voice, he said to those middle-aged men, "Please leave first and wait for me at the private room!"

    However, the middle-aged man frowned slightly. He looked at Steward Huang and said, "This is not impossible. As long as Young Master agrees, it's our private transaction. This won't take long, a month is enough."

    Although they were the black market's attendants, they actually carried out their business outside and were not in the same position as stewards of the black market. If they had the convenience to get the black command token at the black market itself, he would not have seized the opportunity in front of him.

    In his opinion, although the youth had an outstanding temperament, he was still young and inexperienced. If he could induce him with enough benefits, there's no worry that this young man would not agree to the deal.

    Seeing that the middle-aged man was still unwilling to give up on her black command token, Feng Jiu curved her lips and looked at Steward Huang. "Where is my token?"

    Steward Huang remembered just now that the command token was still in the hands of the middle-aged attendant. He hurriedly said, "Brother Xu, please return Young Master's token."

    "Old Xu, give the black command token back to this young master! We can think about other ways later." The middle-aged man at his side also appealed to him. After all, he also knew that renting the command token was not the right thing to do.

    When he was aware that those people's gazes were set on him, the middle-aged man surnamed Xu glanced at Feng Jiu. He paused for a moment, took the black command token from his sleeve and handed it to her, saying, "This is Young Master's black command token, please receive it."

    Feng Jiu took a glimpse at the middle-aged man who had been continuously watching her expression. With a smile, she took the token and examined it slightly. She frowned, her expression was like a smile yet not a smile, "You said this one is my black command token?"

    As soon as these words came out, all their expressions changed, especially Steward Huang. He grabbed the token and examined it with astonishment. He then looked at the middle-aged man surnamed Xu who wore a displeased look.

    "Brother Xu, this...you..."

    The other middle-aged man's eyebrows were also twisted up. He looked at both the middle-aged man surnamed Xu and also the black command token in Steward Huang's hand. He seemed to be deep in thought.

    "What did Young Master mean by that? If this is not your black command, don't tell me that it's a fake?" The middle-aged man's face was gloomy. The Golden Core cultivator's pressure filled the air and enveloped Feng Jiu.

    Sensing the attack coming, Leng Shuang's icy expression turned even colder. She saw that her brother also experienced the same thing. He bore the pressure with a strong will and without moving any muscle, but cold sweat oozed from his forehead. She took a glance at the middle-aged man.

    Did he intend to use pressure to shake the Mistress? He truly was tired of living.
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