510 Eating this loss in silence?

    However, to everyone's surprise, Feng Jiu was not furious, let alone hurt people. Instead, after showing an unusual smiling expression, she took the black command token from Steward Huang's hand and examined it again. "Mm, after looking carefully, it looks like my token. Who would dare to fake a black command token, anyway?"

    She smiled and stood up. Amidst the people's surprised looks, she turned toward Steward Huang. "Steward Huang, do you have time now? I have something to ask for your help."

    "Young Master, that black command token..." Steward Huang was still in a daze. He wanted to say something, but Feng Jiu interrupted him.

    "Since you've seen that it's the black command token, it's all right." Then she looked at the two men on the other side and said, "Shouldn't you leave first?"

    "In that case, we'll leave first." The middle-aged man surnamed Xu spoke. He walked out without waiting for Steward Huang's reply

    When the other middle-aged man saw this, he paused and gave a salute by cupping his fists. His eyes paused for a moment at Feng Jiu, then he turned and left.

    After they left, Steward Huang opened his mouth, but he did not know what to say. After a while, he turned around to look at Feng Jiu. Since he still had no idea about what to say, he asked, "Young Master, what kind of help do you need from our black market? What's the matter?"

    A real black command token was replaced by a fake one after a trip to the black market. Such an issue was the first time for him to encounter. Moreover, he even carried a fake token with him. If he did not report it, he would be afraid of what would happen in the future.

    What's more, was this young man truly stupid or just acting foolish, since he looked on helplessly while his black command token being exchanged? Clearly, he had seen that the token was not the original one but still accepted it laughingly. Was it because he was intimidated by the Golden Core cultivator's pressure?

    He couldn't help but examine this smiling young man. His mind remained perplexed despite much thought.

    Feng Jiu played with the black command token in her hand. Her lips curved up, forming a peculiar smile that people can't fathom. Her half-closed eyes glimmered with scheming. She was as sly as a fox. Would she really eat this loss in silence?

    "Steward Huang, I'm here to let you check someone for me." She smiled and looked at the anxious steward.

    "I wonder who does Young Master want to find out?" With the power of the black market, it's no problem to look up a clan, let alone a person.

    "It's a woman named Su Xi. I want to know her family's whereabouts, as well as everything about her and the recent trends."

    When he heard this, Steward Huang's first thought was that the boy had stolen his father's black command token and came out to chase the girl. When he thought of the fake token, his head throbbed. "Young Master, do you have a portrait of this girl? What's her surname? Even though the black market is powerful, it's not easy to find a person using her given name!"

    "A portrait?"

    She looked at him weirdly since she had no idea how many years had passed since Grandpa received that portrait. She estimated that the woman would be as old as Grandpa. The portrait of the woman's younger self would surely be useless!

    After thinking, she clarified further, "I guess she's not young anymore, but I know how she looks when she was younger. I'll get the drawing for you to ask around. Besides, this woman should not be a commoner. If you inquire about the news of clans and powers, you should be able to get information quicker."
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