511 What’s Young Master’s Name?

    Steward Huang nodded, "This way is better." So, he had his people prepare pen and paper and let Feng Jiu draw the portrait.

    After some time, Feng Jiu handed him the portrait. "I came here just recently and will stay temporarily at the Five Blessings Inn. If there is any news, send it there. You should put a rush order on it. I'm waiting."

    "Yes, I'll have my people investigate it right away." Steward Huang responded. He took the portrait out of the hall, called his people over and handed the portrait to an old man. After all this done, he went back inside the hall.

    He looked at Feng Jiu, who was playing with the fake command token in her hands. He sighed inwardly. He was about to open his mouth when his eyes suddenly opened wide in shock at the sight in front of him.

    The black command token that the youth just played with was smashed by his bare hand. It turned into scattered ashes on the ground. He looked at his hand and then at his movement. Steward Huang immediately dropped cold sweat in buckets. His mind kept repeating, "It's finished, it's finished." This youth was not easy to handle. Even though this black command token was a fake, it was not made of common material. Now it was turned into powder by the young man's hands.

    Feng Jiu blew the powder off her hands. She wiped them with a wet cloth handed by Leng Hua. Then she looked at Steward Huang, who was staring at her with astonishment. She smiled. "Steward Huang, there's something else that you have to report."


    Steward Huang looked at the youth's smiling yet not smiling expression. Even his speech stuttered. He wished someone could come and explain to him, how could this young man have a sudden change in his aura? How could this youth radiate powerful and intimidating pressure all over his body?

    Just now he was still thinking that the young man was frightened by Old Xu's Golden Core's pressure. But now this youth was emanating powerful pressure and imposing manner, making his legs tremble.

    How frightful... What a strange youth... Where did this pressure come from?

    "Actually, it's not a big deal. My black command token was stolen. Please report it to your superiors and have someone return it to me."

    Steward Huang was flabbergasted. This young man changed his attitude and acted this way. So he actually waited for this from the beginning?

    He managed his voice to sound a bit indifferent, but he couldn't help wiping a cold sweat. "Young Master, this, this matter..." He wanted to say that the black command tokens on the black market all looked the same. He had lost the evidence. Except to report the loss, it was not so easy to find the original piece.

    Unexpectedly, before he finished talking, the youth spoke again.

    "By the way, I seem to have forgotten to tell you that nobody can use the black command token except for myself."

    "Wh, what?"

    Steward Huang cried out in alarm. His face turned pale instantly. Originally, only his legs were trembling, but now he was trembling all over. His forehead were dripping with cold sweat. He looked at the innocuous young man in front of him in shock and horror, feeling that even his teeth were chattering.

    If what the youth said was true that nobody couldn't use the black command token except him, then that token was the first-class black command token! But he only took a glance at the black command token earlier and did not notice that it had a first-class mark. By this youth's look and tone of voice, evidently it was a first-class black command token!

    First-class black command token had blood as the mark! On that token, only the owner of the black order can activate the blood mark!

    "Young , Young, Young Master. What, What's your name?"
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