512 First-class black command token

    Seeing Steward Huang so frightened, Feng Jiu was suddenly in an excellent mood. With a faint smile, she jokingly said, "It's a little expensive, but do you believe me if I say my surname is Ghost? Forget it. I won't tell you that. Go and ask your Chief to come. I'll talk to him." It seems that it was registered under Ghost Doctor's identity.

    In fact, when she received the black command token, it was really just an ordinary token that could let the holder be the black market's guest of honour. However, after getting acquainted with Green Gallop Country's black market Chief Ke, she learned that she possessed a black command token. In addition, he said that he had applied for a first-class black order for her, saying that it contained more privileges and preferential treatments.

    But she didn't care much. After all, it was just a token. She didn't take it seriously until she unexpectedly encountered this matter here. She thought that it would be enough to hand over the investigation to a steward since she didn't want to disturb the black market's Chief. She just didn't expect that someone would have tried to obtain her black command token.

    Haha, dare to steal something from her? How interesting!

    Steward Huang turned white as a sheet. He was a pretty good steward of the black market. He also managed all kinds of affairs in the ordinary course of business. But the person who really held the power in the black market was the Chief above him.

    If he knew about this matter, Steward Huang couldn't imagine the consequences...

    But at present, the youth in front of him had exposed his identity as the rightful owner of a first-class black command token. Even he, a black market steward, was not qualified to receive him. He gulped his saliva and his voice trembled, "Please sit down, Young Master. I will send my man to notify the Chief at once."

    Black market Chiefs usually didn't personally appear to manage things because they spent most of their time cultivating. Unless there were serious matters that couldn't be dealt with by the stewards, like the matter at hand, then the Chief would step in.

    He did not dare to send his man to invite the Chief, he went personally instead. Steward Huang hurried to a separate courtyard where the Chief cultivated. He stayed outside the courtyard and had the guardian pass on an urgent message. Soon after, he saw a man wearing a grey robe around fifty years of age came out.

    This man was the Great Concord's black market's Chief. A powerful aura of Nascent Soul cultivator emanated from his entire being.

    "What's the matter?" His face was grave, he glanced aside at Steward Huang with a commanding and overwhelming voice. People would tremble when they heard him speaking.

    Seeing him, Steward Huang's legs shook. He knelt down with a plop. In a panic, he said, "Chief... I, I stirred up big trouble. I ask Chief to save me..."

    His frown got even deeper. The Chief did not let him up but asked, "Take care to speak clearly!"

    Hence, Steward Huang didn't dare to hide anything. He recounted how the two men came to discuss with him about some matters and the black command token brought by a youth in a red robe was exchanged. At this point, he had a sullen face. "I, I really don't know that the black command token was the first-order token. There were very few first-order black commands. I didn't expect it to appear here in Great Concord, and the owner is a youth. I, I..."

    "A youth in a red robe?"

    When the Chief heard Steward Huang's description, his eyes showed a trace of surprise, as if he had remembered something. He looked excited and asked, "Where is the young man at the moment?"

    "In, in the black market's great hall." As soon as he finished speaking, the Chief took large strides and brushed past him. He followed quickly.
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