513 The wise and farsighted Ghost Doctor

    Suddenly, a gust of wind swept in. Feng Jiu, who was sitting in the great hall drinking tea, looked up slightly and saw a man around fifty years of age attired in a grey robe standing in front of her. Without waiting for her to speak, the other party looked at her and laughed loudly. He cupped his fists in greeting.

    "I'm unaware that Ghost Doctor has come all the way. If there is any neglect, I hope Ghost Doctor won't take any offence."

    On hearing this, Feng Jiu frowned, "Your Excellency is the Chief here?" It's a remarkable feat to know her identity at a glance!

    "Hahaha, "Ha ha ha, my surname is Ke. Ghost Doctor can call me Old Ke." With undisguised joy, he came and sit at the Chief's seat.

    "Ke?" Feng Jiu looked slightly moved and asked, "Are you from the same family as Chief Ke of Green Gallop Country?"

    He nodded and laughed, "Ghost Doctor is wise and farsighted. You guessed correctly. He is my younger brother. I just heard him mention the Ghost Doctor. This is what I knew. But I didn't expect that the Ghost Doctor would suddenly come to Great Concord Country. It was really a surprise to me."

    After knowing that he is Green Gallop Country's Chief Ke's family, Feng Jiu was relieved. No wonder she could be recognized at a glance. Now that her identity was known, she did not beat around the bush. Rather, after taking a glance at Steward Huang who stood by the door and did not dare to come in, Feng Jiu started speaking in a straightforward manner.

    "Even so, Chief Ke, I hope you can give me an account of today's matter."

    "Ghost Doctor, please take it easy. I'm aware of it and will deal with it severely! The man surnamed Xu won't be able to use your black command token. As long as I give the order, he will return the black order in less than a day."

    He gave her a guarantee. At the same time, he shouted at Steward Huang who stood trembling by the door, "Don't get lost yet, come in!"

    Steward Huang turned even paler. He only heard the Chief called the young man Ghost Doctor. All he knew was that the Chief was surprised when he saw the youth and his attitude was also greatly transformed. Steward Huang's heart quaked even more so that he instantly knelt with a plop once he entered the great hall.

    "Your Honour, please forgive me, please forgive me...."

    Feng Jiu did not open her mouth but looked at Chief Ke. She would let him take care of it as he sees fit.

    "Deceiving superiors and deluding subordinates. You have no manners. Your position as steward will end today. Beginning from today, you're sentenced to the black prison, facing the wall and pondering your misdeeds for ten years! " Chief Ke shouted loudly. With a wave of his hand, his robe moved and a strong wind swept up. Steward Huang immediately flew out.


    Two figures in black appeared in the great hall. They saluted respectfully and listened to the order with their heads bowed.

    "Dispatch this command! Investigate everything for me! Find the cultivator named Xu who took out the first-class black command token. Arrest him and take him here!"

    As soon as the order was issued, the two men responded respectfully and vanished in an instant.

    Chief Ke then looked at the red-garbed Feng Jiu. "I heard that Ghost Doctor is staying at Five Blessings Inn? Living at an inn is nowhere near as comfortable as living at the black market. It's better to move here. There are some unoccupied courtyards inside the black market. Those are quiet and comfortable so that I can do my best as a host to entertain Ghost Doctor."

    "There's no need. It's convenient to stay in an inn." She waved her hand and stood up. "I've been delayed at this place for a long time already. It's getting late. I'm taking my leave first."

    Chief Ke also got up quickly to see her out, "Let me accompany Ghost Doctor to the door! By the way, please be at ease. I will have my people step up their efforts with this investigation. We will carry it out in the shortest time and make sure that you're satisfied."

    "Thank you so much." She smiled. But after seeing his expression of still wanting to speak yet remained apprehensive, she walked out acting as if she saw nothing.
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