514 Someone was sulking

    After knowing her identity from Green Gallop Country's Chief Ke, people who were familiar with her naturally knew that she could concoct pills. From his expression, he would most likely either request medicinal pills or other medicine, but she still acted like she didn't see anything.

    Chief Ke saw Feng Jiu step out and directly ignored his expression of wanting to say something yet restrained himself. He could not help but laughed bitterly. Ghost Doctor's character was really as his younger brother said, both eccentric and strange yet incomparably wise and farsighted.

    Ghost Doctor clearly knew his thoughts. Instead of expressing it clearly and pointing it out, this young man just pretended not seeing it and left directly. He reckoned that only Ghost Doctor could do such a thing.

    With a sigh in his heart, he saw them out. He wanted to speak out but felt it was not good to ask for medicinal pills at the first meeting. Since now he knew where Ghost Doctor stayed, he would pay a visit to Five Blessings Inn in the morning.

    When the black market people saw that the Chief had personally sent the youth in red out, they could not help but threw surprised looks at them and secretly guessed the identity of the young man.

    When they reached the black market's gate, Feng Jiu stopped walking and told Chief Ke, "Chief Ke can call me Young Master Jiu. I don't want people to know my identity and whereabouts."

    Chief Ke hurriedly responded, "Yes. Please be at ease, Young Master Jiu, I know what to do."

    Feng Jiu nodded. When she saw that it had turned dark outside, she remembered the man she had forgotten in the inn. She couldn't help but feel somewhat timid and hurried back with Leng Shuang and Leng Hua.

    Chief Ke watched her figure disappear in the street, then turned back while pondering in his heart. How to get the Ghost Doctor's medicinal pills? He's stuck at the Nascent Soul second stage for a long time, his last resort to a breakthrough was the medicinal pills. He had heard that Ghost Doctor was an expert in this kind of medicinal pills.

    It's just that it's not easy to request the pills, ah! Ghost Doctor had an eccentric and strange personality. Take today's case as an example. If he had made his identity known early, there would be no subsequent events. But unfortunately, he just watched and let the situation develop. In this way, that man surnamed Xu who exchanged his black command order would suffer a lot.

    Not only he had to personally met out punishments, but the black market also had to give the young man an explanation. Such a method and scheming made him who saw the Ghost Doctor for the first time understood what his brother had meant when he told him about the Ghost Doctor's weird character.

    As for this time, at the inn, the chilly aura of Hell's Lord's whole body was enough to make the room temperature change from summer to winter.

    Looking at the master who sat at the table and drunk countless cups of tea, Gray Wolf didn't dare to speak or even to loosen up. He had no other choice but to stand in a tense manner while waiting unobtrusively by the side.

    Why was he waiting here? There was no other reason - the master made him go out at any moment to see whether the Ghost Doctor had come back. From the time she went shopping, he did not know how many times he went out of the door to scan the neighbourhood.

    He saw the master who was earlier still drinking a cup of tea suddenly put his teacup down heavily and stood up. His heart trembled with fear, Gray Wolf quickly asked, "Lord, Master, what's wrong?"

    Ling Mo Han glanced back at him. Without a word, he stepped out of the door and went to the first floor. He then sat down at the table closest to the gate.

    Gray Wolf also came out. When he saw Shadow One guarding outside the door, he whispered, "Shadow One, do you want to go out and look for Ghost Doctor?"
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