515 Uncle, are you angry?

    "It's getting late. I think she should be back soon." Shadow One took a look at his Master downstairs and went down.

    Hearing this, Gray Wolf looked up at the sky and muttered, "I'm afraid she's playing like crazy outside, forgetting that the Master is still waiting for her at the inn!" He thought in his heart, Ai! Why don't they just live in one room? In this way, the Master would know immediately the moment Ghost Doctor went out.

    As he went down, he looked out. Instead of standing by his Master's side on the first floor, he went outside and waited there to see if Ghost Doctor would appear.

    The time waiting for someone was the most anxious. Even though it clearly was not very long, time seemed to pass very slowly. After some time flew by, the person they waited for had not come back.

    Looking at the Master who was sitting there and now drinking wine, Gray Wolf waved a young waiter over and asked him to serve a few dishes that go well with wine to his Master.

    After waiting for a half the time it took to burn an incense stick, he saw a red figure appear in his line of sight. Gray Wolf cheered and turned to his Master inside and shouted, "Master, Young Master Jiu is back!"

    The cheerful expression and tone, as well as his words, made the guests sitting on the first floor of the inn look back in surprise and curiosity.

    It was because he acted like he was shouting, "Master, Madame is back." But unfortunately, the words he shouted was a man's name, Young Master Jiu.

    "Master, Gray Wolf seems to be waiting for us." Leng Hua saw Gray Wolf at the entrance of the inn far away. He was unexpectedly waiting there. But after some thoughts, maybe it was not him but Hell's Lord who was currently waiting for his mistress.

    Feng Jiu helfted the stuff in her hand and couldn't help laughing. "I reckon that the arrogant fellow is making trouble again."

    Hearing this, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua looked at each other and smiled.

    Yes, a person as indifferent and domineering like Hell's Lord seemed to change his personality when he met the mistress. Narrow-mindedness and tsundere personality could be seen in him. Gray Wolf was right. Only when Hell's Lord was with the mistress, he would have seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. The Master became more like a person.

    Reaching the door, before entering the inn, a figure was sitting at the first floor. Seeing this, Feng Jiu's eyes shifted slightly. Gray Wolf came up and whispered, "Young Master Jiu, you finally returned. My Master has been waiting for you for a long time."

    Feng Jiu smiled. After glancing at Gray Wolf, she walked towards Ling Mo Han. With a smile, Feng Jiu called out, "Uncle, guess what I brought back for you?" She lifted up the stuff in her hand, her beautiful eyes curved like moon crescents looking at the man who was currently drinking wine to drown his sorrows.

    As soon as he heard that she had brought something for him, Ling mo Han's deep eyes glimmered. He could hardly restrain himself from turning back to see her and the things she had brought back for him. However, when he thought of her going out without calling him, he felt angry. Therefore, he ignored her and continued drinking wine.

    "Uncle, you aren't angry, right?"

    With her waist half bent, she looked at him with a smile. She saw that his appearance was still dark and his beautiful face was covered with a big beard. She explained, "I went out to handle some affairs. As a matter of fact, I specially brought you something when I came back."

    As she spoke, she placed the object in her hand in front of him.
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