516 Specialized in treating Hell’s Lord’s icy aura

    Feng Jiu sat by his side. With a hand propping her chin, she looked at him and said smilingly, "I heard from Gray Wolf that you like to eat some walnut pastries. On the way back, I passed a pastry shop and bought some for you. Taste some."

    Hearing this, he was finally unable to bear it anymore and looked at her. His heart was filled with an undeniable joy, the faint throbbing of excitement let the icy aura that enveloped his body vanished in an instant. Gray Wolf and Shadow One turned speechless.

    Now they knew that Ghost Doctor specialized in treating their master's iciness. As long as she was there, winter could turn into spring.

    They were amazed at the transformation, but after some thoughts it was actually normal. Their master was infatuated and head over heels in love with Ghost Doctor. Ai! He unknowingly fell into the love snare woven by Ghost Doctor and as a result he was perfectly willing to be entangled by her.

    "Hmph! Don't think you can send me away with a few walnut pastries. If you don't tell me clearly, see how I will deal with you! " He was obviously delighted, but he still kept being a tsundere. While speaking, he opened the bag of pastries and took a piece to eat.

    The guests on the first floor listened to these two men's words and then looked at their expressions. The guests' looks turned strange. Each one of them shifted their gazes back but it was unknown what they were actually thinking.

    "I haven't had dinner yet! I'll tell you the story while I'm eating!" She said with a smile, then picked up some food with her chopsticks and started eating.

    Seeing this, Ling Mo Han's eyes swept at Gray Wolf. "Give her a bowl of rice, let the waiter add some more dishes." After speaking, he took a quick look at her tiny frame and said, "Get meat dishes and a warm soup."

    "Yes." Gray Wolf grinned and hurried to tell the waiter to serve a few more dishes. He personally ran to the kitchen and brought them a small earthen bowl of white rice.

    Feng Jiu was telling the story while eating. "I just went to the black market. I had them inquire the news and investigate where to find my grandfather. I was delayed by a few things, otherwise I would come back early."

    Ling Mo Han took a sip of wine and didn't make any response. Originally, he had given Gray Wolf the task to investigate. However, before he could tell her, she had already rushed out.

    Looking at her excellent appetite, he put down his wine cup, picked up his chopsticks and gave her a piece of meat. "Eat more meat, you are too thin."

    Feng Jiu did not pay attention to him. She was engrossed in eating. She wanted to finish eating as fast as possible so that she could return to her room and rest. She couldn't bear his burning and passionate gaze, ah!

    After the meal, she told him without delay, "I've been tired all day today, uncle, you should have an early rest, too! I'll go back to my room first. See you tomorrow! " She went straight up to the second floor without waiting for him to say anything.

    Seeing the woman's fleeing figure, Ling Mo Han snorted coldly but said nothing. Instead, he picked up the bag of walnut pastries she brought back and also went up to the second floor.

    When they all went up, the guests downstairs started discussing about them.

    "The way that man looked at the youth was very weird."

    "Mm, that's how a man is looking at a woman."

    "But the youngster is really good-looking."

    "But the relationship between the two people is unusual. Would you say that they are broken sleeves?"

    As soon as Shadow One, guarding the doorway of the second floor, heard the discussion downstairs, he's looking up at the sky speechlessly with his lips curved up.

    The next morning, when Chief Ke visited the inn with a generous gift, he was told that the person he was looking for had left early in the morning.

    Feng Jiu and her party reached the Alchemy Guild at this time...
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