517 Guild Assessmen

    "There aren't many people here!" She saw that there was simply no one at the guild's gate at all. From the outside, the guild seemed very quiet and only a few people were walking around.

    Ling Mo Han cast a sidelong glance at her, "Do you think alchemists are cabbages that you can get anywhere?"

    She smiled in embarrassment, "I'll just go in. Find a place to wait for me! There's a teahouse over there where we just passed by. I'll look for you when I've finished my assessment."

    "Mm." Knowing how many hours it would take for the examination, Ling Mo Han assented. He then brought Gray Wolf and Shadow One to the teahouse.

    "You two go along too. You don't have to wait here. This will take several hours." She motioned Leng Shuang and Leng Hua to join the others at the teahouse.

    "Yes." Since the teahouse was not far from here and they could see the alchemist guild's gate from the second floor, they also went to the teahouse.

    Feng Jiu stepped inside the Alchemist Guild and went inside. She found an alchemist tasked with receiving guests and explained her intention.

    "Assessment badge?" The alchemist looked Feng Jiu up and down then pointed to a counter on the other side. "Go there and pay the assessment fee first. When it's done, come back to take a number."

    Alchemist assessments required the use of spirit herbs. Each alchemist level had to pay the corresponding cost of spirit herbs. Feng Jiu handed in the money and returned to the alchemist with the payment receipt to get the number.

    "Wait inside. Since you came early, you get the first number." The alchemist spoke in an indifferent tone and handed her a wooden card. Everyday people came for the assessments, but very few could pass them. The youth was only fifteen or sixteen years old. He didn't even see how much she paid nor check the rank of alchemist badge she was going to test for, he simply directly passed the number to her.

    In his opinion, the youth could not pass the exam, so he did not give a good face and attitude.

    Feng Jiu didn't take it to heart. She took the sign and went inside. When she entered, she saw that it was a separate big stone room. An apprentice stood outside. When he saw her come in, he looked at her.

    "Are you here for the assessment? Wait a minute, the person in charge hasn't come yet."

    She nodded. She had not been here before, and while it was still early, she looked around, smelling the faint scent of herbs in the air. She looked at the closed stone door in front of her while thinking inwardly. Was this where they conduct the assessment? Was the room sealed well? Was there lighting inside?

    After a half stick incense of time, more than a dozen people came in one after another, all holding wooden cards for examination. After the time it took an incense stick to burn had passed, the pharmacist in charge of the examination came into the stone room late.

    "The person carrying number one, come in." The apprentice guarding the Stone Gate shouted.

    When they looked over, they saw a handsome young man in a dazzling red robe smiling and handing over his wooden card.

    "I am number one."

    At this time, Feng Jiu was in a cheerful mood. It was right to get up early in the morning. At least she was the first person to be assessed.

    "Please come in!" The apprentice took her card and opened the stone door to let her in.

    When she stepped inside, astonishment flashed in Feng Jiu's eyes. She was surprised to find that even though it looked like a sealed stone chamber from the outside, the inside was a space enclosed by four walls with a blue sky and white clouds above it.

    To her surprise, this place contained formations.
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