519 I’m here to test for the Saint Rank

    The three people were sitting and chatting in the assessment stone room. Normally, there were only ten or twenty people coming for assessment at the guild every day. Some took two to three hours to finish the assessment, while some had problems in the process of dispensing medicinal pills and could not continue.

    Most people fail the assessment in half-stick incense time or even shorter, so the assessment is a very leisurely business for them.

    These examiners were chatting and smiling. When they heard a sound coming from the stone gate, they glanced at it instinctively. But when they saw the red-robed youth coming in with two baskets of spirit herbs in his hand, they all stood up with stiff smiles on their faces. Each one of them was gawking with amazement. The room was filled with the swooshing sound of their garment when they stood up.

    They were stunned silly to see some valuable spirit herbs in the baskets. They were the spirit herbs from the third floor. Why did he bring them?

    So many spirit herbs, but also some were vintage. Any one of those herbs was not comparable to the fees he paid, so some people could not help but started talking.

    "Feng Jiu, what are you taking these spirit herbs for?"

    Feng Jiu looked at the examiner who asked him in surprise and answered, "Refining medicine, of course!" What did she do with all this without refining? Wasn't that nonsense?

    But hey hey, this alchemist guild was really good! The cost she paid was nothing compared with the spirit herbs in the baskets.

    Listening to the youth's answer as if it was a matter of course, then looking at his expression that clearly told their questions were all nonsense, green veins popped up at his forehead. With the corner of his lips stretched tautly, he spoke again. "So many spirit herbs, can you use all? You know, although you paid the fee, spirit herbs can't be wasted. You can only take the spirit herbs you need to refine. If you waste the spirit herbs you clearly don't need, you must buy them at ten times the price."

    She frowned. "But I'm going to use it all." As she spoke, she had brought two baskets of spirit herbs to the medicine refining table.

    Seeing this, the other two examiners finally shouted with impatience, "You want to use all of them? How do you use them? Do you know the names and properties of those spirit herbs? Two baskets of spirit herbs are all aged. This is not a joke."

    After some thoughts, the originally frowning Feng Jiu lifted her eyes to look at them. Her expression was somewhat odd. "Examiners, do you know what badge I come to be assessed for?"

    "Isn't that the alchemist's badge?" One of them answered. They didn't ask when she came in, but looking at her young age, it should have been the alchemist badge assessment!

    The other two examiners next to him glanced at the young man and then at the two baskets full of the aged spirit herbs. They shook their heads and raised the teacup on the table, intending to drink slowly.

    This youngster came for assessment for the first time, so he did not understand the rules in the examination. They didn't expect him to pass the examination. It should be clearly understood that it's not so easy to get the alchemist badge.

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu grinned and displayed a dazzling smile on her face. She said with a relaxed tone, "No! I'm here for the Saint rank alchemist badge."


    "Cough cough..."

    The two examiners who drank tea sprayed the tea directly at the entrance. They coughed violently because of they got choked with the tea. After quite a while, they gradually regulated their breathing and stared angrily at Feng Jiu. One of them shouted, "Youngster, you come here to create trouble? Saint rank alchemist assessment? You must be insane to think about getting the Saint rank alchemist!"
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