521 Personally overseeing the assessmen

    Feng Jiu's eyes flickered. Without raising her head, she fiddled with the spirit herbs in the basket while her lips faintly curved up.

    Since the Elder had spoken, the three examiners didn't dare say much. They quickly had people brought Saint rank alchemist equipment, while one of them went to invite the elder himself.

    Old Yu, the Saint rank alchemist of their Alchemist Guide, had an extraordinary position. It's very difficult to find ten Saint rank alchemists even in hundreds of third-grade countries. Thus, one can well imagine how rare Saint rank alchemists are.

    That's why they were indignant after knowing Feng Jiu's reason to get assessed as the Saint rank alchemist. They didn't think the youth had the ability to test at this level and even believed that she insulted the Saint rank alchemist's dignity by saying so.

    Sixteen-year-old Saint rank alchemist? That's impossible!

    Among those waiting outside for assessment, besides the regular alchemists and Master level alchemists, there were also Master level alchemists coming to be assessed for Ancestor level alchemists. However, none after that level. After all, even Ancestor rank alchemists were already very rare.

    At this time, the crowd saw the door of the stone chamber open and the examiner inside rushed out. Because the formations inside the room made it isolated from the outside world, people outside could not hear what was going on inside. They could only discuss it in a low voice.

    Not long after, they saw the examiner returned, following respectfully behind an elderly man. People who recognized the old man's identity flushed with excitement and wanted to pay respects to him, but they were kept off by the guards at the old man's side.

    When the two men entered the stone room, those who recognized the old man's identity were excited to the point of being incoherent. "That's the Saint rank alchemist! He's the only one in Great Concord Country. I saw him once from afar. People say that Saint rank alchemists usually live in seclusion. I didn't expect to see the old man at the guild today."

    "True! I've also seen him once, but why did the old man come? It's an assessment room, perhaps the old man comes to personally assess someone?" The other, though agitated, noticed something unusual.

    "Previously, a young man in red who appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen years old went inside. I reckon he came for the alchemist assessment. He could not alarm Saint rank alchemist Yu. Maybe something else happened."

    While the crowd was hot in discussion outside, Feng Jiu was examining the newly replaced equipment with satisfaction. Now this was the Saint rank alchemist's equipment!

    As she took the spirit herbs out of the basket and put it in place, she heard an old but vigorous voice.

    "This young friend is surnamed Feng and named Jiu?"

    Feng Jiu looked up and saw an elderly man in a grey robe with silver hair and rosy and energetic face. At this moment, his wise and farsighted eyes were sizing her up. She smiled faintly and answered, "That's right."

    "I heard that Young Friend wants to be assessed for Saint rank alchemist badge?" The old man smiled slightly. He was neither scornful nor surprised but asked in a calm manner, as if speaking with an old friend he'd known for a long time. He had a natural manner and a gentle voice.

    "Mm." She nodded. Her eyes were beaming at the old man.

    "Then, Old Yu will oversee Young Friend's assessment."

    The old man smiled gently, then retreated to the overseer's position and made an inviting gesture to Feng Jiu. "Saint rank alchemist is allotted four hours to refine elixirs. Young Friend, please refine the medicine within four hours. As long as it meets the level of Saint rank alchemist, this old man will personally attach the badge on you."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled. After looking briefly at the old man, she began the process of making the elixir.
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