522 Casually refining elixirs?

    The three examiners glanced at Old Yu and were puzzled. Although Old Yu always treated people amiably, the young man in red was only a 16-year-old, ah! Giving him so much courtesy and calling him Young Friend, it was difficult for them to fathom.

    Moreover, from Old Yu's words and attitude, it seemed the youth could really refine elixirs at the Saint rank alchemist. Additionally, he was still a 16-year-old youth. All these had alarmed the great elder.

    Needless to say, they now knew that the great elder must have been secretly observing the assessment here.

    The young man in red captured their whole attention. They looked at him with astonishment.

    The youth was handling the spirit herbs skillfully. His movements were graceful, neither tense nor slow. Their expression turned strange. Graceful? What made them feel that way? Even though the word graceful might not fit this place, it seemed that the youth's movements, expression and manner were full of elegance. This scene presented a picture that warmed their hearts and delighted their eyes.

    The youth's handsome face showed a very focused look. His movements were delicate. Every time he raised his hand or made any motion, his sleeves would sweep lightly. It was like a painting and mysteriously made people feel calm.

    Unlike what the three examiners noticed, Old Yu took note of Feng Jiu's skill in handling the spirit herbs and the order they were mixed. He also observed Feng Jiu's single-mindedness and self-confidence.

    His eyes flickered over the spirits herbs on the table. His gaze flitted slightly. He wondered what kind of elixir this young man was going to make.

    From Feng Jiu's method, he could see that he was indeed an alchemist. However, he didn't know what level of medicine would be produced. This youth was indeed not simple to make the grand elder take notice of him.

    As time passed, the medicine was processed well. Feng Jiu began to extract the medicine's essence in the liquid form. If it was concocting pills, she was not sure to succeed in one try. But she had played with elixirs from childhood. It would not be difficult for her at all.

    However, her method of refining medicine was not quite the same as theirs. The alchemists here processed the herbs by boiling them to extract the liquid, but she was extracting the essence of the elixir. At this point, the elixirs produced were different.

    When Old Yu saw that Feng Jiu's method of extracting medicine was different from what he had expected, his eyes flashed with doubt. Unexpectedly, that young man then poured several kinds of medicinal liquids in succession, seemingly at will. After many steps, only half a small cup of light green elixir was extracted.

    Feng Jiu ignored them. She was not afraid they learn her technique. She only concentrated on the task at hand. About two shichen later, she extracted the essence many times, ready for the final steps of blending the medicine.

    Old Yu frowned at the pale green liquid in the transparent vials. He was baffled that the one Feng Jiu extracted was not the same green liquid as theirs. While he was still pondering this, he saw that the youth had mixed the remaining 20 cups of liquid medicine casually. His pupils shrank seeing that action that seemed too random. He felt that those medicinal liquids would repel each other when being mixed together. He's afraid this elixir would get destroyed!

    But who would imagine that at exactly this moment, a rich and overwhelming fragrance of medicine filled the air...
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