523 A natural born genius!

    When Old Yu inhaled the rich fragrance of the elixir, his mind shook. His eyes opened wide with astonishment while his body instantly stilled. With an unfathomable expression, he gazed with rapt attention at the young man who was currently stirring the medicinal liquid. This elixir did not explode even though its ingredients were not compatible.

    How, how could this be possible!

    How did he do it? He just grabbed various medicinal substances and mixed them in that way, how could those not repel each other? Did he miss anything? He, he couldn't see where the problem was!

    The three examiners' reaction was the same as Old Yu, they were completely amazed. However, it was not because Feng Jiu's elixir did not repel each other. Instead, it was because the methods and steps of refining were not what they could understand. They were astonished by the elixir's fragrance. It was out of their expectations that the youth could actually produce the elixir.

    Although the strong medicinal fragrance had already floated out, Feng Jiu did not stop her work. Instead, she paid attention to the liquid and used the distillation method to extract the last essence.

    When some time elapsed, the rich medicinal fragrance gradually faded. The previous intense smell had disappeared, only pure scent remained.

    Old Yu watched Feng Jiu take out the final medicinal liquid from the distiller. Feng Jiu picked out two transparent bottles from her sleeve and filled them with light green liquid. The old man hurried over in front of the refining table.

    "It's done. Please check it!" She took out a bottle and gave it to Old Yu to be examined.

    From the beginning to the end, Old Yu clearly understood that the young man was a Saint rank alchemist! His technique was impeccable and he seemed to master the knowledge of refining that even he did not understand. Looking at the liquid in front of him, he was very sure that it was comparable to the spirit elixir.

    What's more, beyond their expectations, it took him less than three shichen (6 hours) to complete the whole process.

    Restraining his shock and excitement, Old Yu took out a small tube of elixir to evaluate its colour and smell. Finally, he looked at Feng Jiu, and his voice couldn't hide his excitement. He asked, "Young friend, may I ask what is the effect of this elixir?"

    "This is a bottle of medicine to assist cultivators when they try to break through. It's a double portion so that at the minimum a cultivator at the Golden Core or Emperor rank can take it. The effect depends on each individual, I'm not sure." She shrugged her shoulders. Anyway, she knew that the dose was sufficient enough.

    His eyes shining, Old Yu held that liquid in his hands without speaking for quite a while. The three examiners beside him could not help asking, "Old Yu, does it meet the standard or not? Is the colour and odour of this elixir right?

    Hearing this, Old Yu came back to his senses. He looked at Feng Jiu as if he were seeing a glowing treasure. His eyes were full of excitement. "Well well well! This is great! A young Saint rank alchemist like you have never appeared in these hundreds of third-grade countries. It's even very likely that even the second-rank countries have never had one. This young friend is a natural born genius!"

    Hearing this, the three examiners were dumbfounded. Their jaws almost dropped due to shock Unexpectedly, this young man had really reached the level of Saint rank alchemist?

    Seeing those three were staring blankly, Old Yu shouted, "What are you still stunned about? Get the alchemist badge quickly! The old man is going to personally attach it on Brother Feng!"
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