524 Would you like to be a guest elder?

    When she heard that the address changed from Young Friend to Brother Feng, Feng Jiu felt a great pressure being treated as a junior by an elderly man of some hundred years old.

    Fortunately, Old Yu gave her a good impression. She also felt relieved. It was a sign of respect to be called one's junior. After all, by calling her his junior, he would regard her as his peer.

    However, she was a woman, okay? The word "brother" really didn't fit her well.

    So she said laughingly, "Old Yu, it's better to call me Little Jiu."

    "Hahaha, okay, the old man will call you Little Jiu." He laughed heartily. The more he saw her, the more satisfied he felt. "Little Jiu, let's go to the great hall and talk in detail, please."

    Feng Jiu nodded and stepped out of the room with Old Yu.

    The three examiners were still astounded. It took some time before they returned to their senses. They looked at each other and then hurried out. They handed over the assessment duties to the other three guild alchemists.

    The crowd waiting outside for a long time finally saw Old Yu and the youth in red coming out, laughing and talking. The spectators stared dumbfounded at them since this sight was somewhat unfathomable. However, they couldn't get closer and could only watch those two gradually walked further away.

    "Who's that youth?"

    "He was the first one to go in for the assessment. It looks like he's passed?"

    "Even after passing the assessment, Old Yu and the three examiners should not be that respectful, right? Is that young man's family very powerful?"

    As soon as the words came out, they immediately attracted the disdain of all the people around them. "No matter how powerful the family is, saint rank Alchemist Yu will not attach any importance to them. You should know that even the royal family fawns on him. Why should he curry favours with others?"

    The others nodded. It was true that both pharmacists and alchemists were highly respected. Even the strongest cultivators couldn't live without them nor had bad relations with those professions.

    Guild's great hall was the place where the alchemists received guests. It was not a place where the alchemy examinees could enter. Feng Jiu followed Old Yu to get to this hall.

    The apprentices sized Feng Jiu up furtively while delivering tea and pastries. They wondered why the youth in red was so valued by Old Yu. However, they didn't dare to stay. After finished serving the refreshments, they retreated.

    "No wonder even the Supreme Elder has noticed you. Haha, such talent is extremely rare in the world. You come from an influential family in the medical field, I assume?" Old Yu stroked his beard. His eyes narrowed to a squint when he was laughing. He's scheming in his mind about ways to bring him to their side. It would be a great advantage to their alchemist guild if this young man could be their guest elder.

    Feng Jiu only smiled. She didn't intend to elaborate but asked him a question instead. "Old Yu, I have completed the assessment, right?"

    "The assessment is completed. After receiving the badge and putting a drop of your blood to authenticate it, you will be good to go. " Old Yu chuckled. "Little Jiu, this old man has something to discuss with you."

    "Old Yu, please speak." She held the teacup with both hands and took a sip.

    "Would you sell the elixir you just concocted to us? This old man represents the guild to purchase it from you. It's guaranteed that we'll give you a satisfactory price."

    With a smile, his eyes were fixed steadily at Feng Jiu. "In addition, I'd like to invite you to be our guild's guest elder. What do you think?"
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