525 Please keep it a secre

    When she heard what Old Yu said, her face was wreathed in smiles. She put her teacup down and looked at him. "I'm very sorry, my medicine is usually only sold at auctions. In addition, at the moment, I did not have any plan to attempt it. As for being a guest elder..."

    She paused briefly and smiled. "I'm just a passerby and I won't stay here for long. I'll go back after finished handling my personal matters. That's all!"

    She came to the Alchemist Guild just to get a badge and be assessed, but she didn't plan to be a guest elder or something like that. It's too troublesome. What she didn't like most was trouble.

    "But the guest elder is just a name..."

    He still wanted to persuade, but unexpectedly Feng Jiu waved her hand. "Old Yu, please don't elaborate. I just came to test for the badge today. I really don't want to be a guest elder."

    When he heard this, the corners of Old Yu's mouth twitched. He turned speechless since he had no idea how to persuade the young man. If it were an ordinary person, he would be very excited to be the Alchemy Guild's guest elder. However, the eccentric young man unexpectedly treated it beneath contempt.

    It was the first time in his long years at the Alchemist Guild to see such a freak.

    "Old Yu, here's the badge."

    The three examiners came over. Their eyes fell on the young man in red. It was just like a dream, the young man actually take the Saint rank alchemist badge!

    Moreover, a Saint rank alchemist...they had to respectfully call him Saint Alchemist Feng.

    Old Yu looked at the youth briefly, then took the badge and told Feng Jiu how to authenticate it. After a series of procedures, he looked at him with a rueful sigh, "Little Jiu, are you seriously not thinking it over? You will reap many benefits as our Alchemist Guild's guest elder."

    His face could not help turned red when saying those words. Unexpectedly, he had to use such a way to lure a young man to become the guest elder of their guild. This method was not bad, but unfortunately, this young man was completely unappreciative. It truly gave him a headache.

    Feng Jiu took the already verified badge and put it away. Then she smiled and said, "Old Yu, I'm really just passing by this place. I won't stay here for a long time. I appreciated Old Yu's good intentions. My friends are waiting for me outside! I shall take my leave first."

    She smiled, her eyes were bright. She was delighted to get the Saint rank badge in one go. However, when she cupped her fists in greeting and prepared to leave, her footsteps stilled. Looking back at the old man, she spoke, "Old Yu, please keep it secret, especially my name. I don't wish for this to be circulated outside."

    The people in the hall opened their eyes wide at this remark. Not spreading the news outside? Why not?

    This was a good opportunity to make a name for oneself. As soon as the news went out, not only would the Great Concord Country know him, other countries would also know that a 16-year-old genius Saint alchemist had emerged from their Alchemist Guild today.

    Seeing the young man's earnest expression and his determined gaze, Old Yu sighed again. He stood up and said, "You can rest assured that the old man will keep it secret and will absolutely not divulge your name."

    After hearing this statement, Feng Jiu's smile deepened. She glanced at him with a profound look and uttered "Many thanks." Then, she departed from the place.
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