526 Immensely proud of herself

    Three examiners kept on staring at the departing young man's figure. They did not turn toward Old Yu until he disappeared. One of them asked foolishly, "Is this really to be kept a secret?"

    Old Yu glared at him. "What are you saying, really keep it a secret? Could I deceive him? It's a secret! You three, keep it to yourselves and don't tell anyone!"

    "Yes." The three men consented at once, wiping their cold sweat. Even without Old Yu's warning, they also knew how horrible it was to offend a Saint rank alchemist.

    If one committed an offence against Saint rank alchemist, there was no need to sort the person out by their own hands. They just need to take a bottle of elixir and asked a powerful man to get rid of the person. They had seen too many such things and didn't dare to get into trouble.

    On the other side, Feng Jiu was in a good mood after she left the guild. She took a deep breath and breathed out gently. She took a look around. Her line of sight fell on the teahouse not far away and walked towards it.

    Before she entered the teahouse, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua came out to welcome her.

    "Master, you are back! Are you tired? Hurry up to the teahouse and have a rest."

    Leng Shuang just looked at her calmly with joy in her eyes. On the other hand, Leng Hua, with a delighted smile, asked her whether she was tired after such a long assessment and led her to the second floor. The whole second floor was rented in Hell's Lord's name.

    Walking up to the second floor, she glanced at the empty and quiet floor and turned her gaze at Ling Mo Han. He sat facing the street while drinking tea. She laughingly told him, "As expected of a wealthy man! A single cup of tea can cover the whole second floor."

    Ling Mo Han's deep dark eyes gazed at her. He looked her up and down without notice and saw that she was as clean as when she went in, without any mishap. He moved his sight away. A gloomy voice slowly came out of his mouth.

    "Why didn't you wear the badge?"

    "Haha, does this Young Master love to show off? I am indifferent to fame and fortune. I would be too lazy to take the assessment if it weren't for the Saint rank badge." As she spoke, a badge was thrown in her hand.

    At the same time, she looked at Ling Mo Han, with a smile in her eyes and a proud face. "Let me tell you. After I passed the assessment, Old Yu still tried hard to draw me to his side, saying he wanted to buy my medicine at a high price and wanted me to be the guest elder of their guild."

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One waiting beside Hell's Lord opened their eyes wide in astonishment.

    Even Ling Mo Han's eyes darted slightly as he drank his tea. Once again, his eyes fell on the little woman who looked immensely proud of herself. She was like a little fox with her tail sticking up. His deep voice carried a smiling tone, "Then, what was your answer?"

    He was playing with his teacup, looking at her with smiling deep dark eyes. He thought that he could not have too much expectations on this odd tempered woman.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One could not help but swallow down their saliva and look at Feng Jiu as soon as they heard the master ask the question they wanted to know.

    The guest elder of the alchemy guild! That's exactly what everybody wanted to be. Did the ghost doctor agree to it? She should have, right? Only a fool refused this good thing.

    Only Leng Shuang and Leng Hua looked calm. They felt that whatever their mistress decided was always correct.

    Seeing everyone's eyes fall on her and watching their expressions full of curiosity, Feng Jiu felt even more strongly that refusing the guest elder position was a very impressive thing.

    So she coughed softly with pride written all over her little face. "Of course I didn't agree! I refused it straightforwardly!"

    When her words came out, the second floor fell into silence for a moment.
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