527 Will you marry me?

    Ling Mo Han's deep dark eyes flashed an "I knew it!" look. His face obviously carried a chilly expression, but the thin lips covered by the big beard were smiling. The smile gradually grew even wider, but nobody could see it because of the dense beard.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One were struck dumb. They thought they had heard it wrongly.

    What did she just say? She rejected it straightforwardly?

    They stared at each other and could not speak for a while. They just thought it was inconceivable. It was too unfathomable. How could there be such a fool in the world, not taking the advantage offered to her? What's more, this fool was the Ghost Doctor who had always been shrewd and cunning like a fox?

    When Feng Jiu finished speaking, she saw everyone was wearing a queer expression. She could not help asking, "What's going on? Is something wrong?

    At this time, everyone should have told her, "You truly deserved to be Ghost Doctor. You are truly bold!", right?

    At this time, everyone should have told her, "Ghost Doctor, I admire you! Only you had the guts to refuse the Alchemist Guild's offer to be their guest elder!", right?

    The look at their faces seemed to say...Something was amiss?

    "Ghost Doctor, did you refuse their offer to purchase the elixir from you or did you reject the request for you to be their guest elder?" Gray Wolf probed her gently and cautiously.

    Feng Jiu, made totally nervous by their reactions, blinked. "I have rejected both offers!" Gray Wolf was petrified, he stood rooted in place and stared at her. She could only turned toward Ling Mo Han who was currently sipping some tea.

    "Uncle, have I made a mistake?"

    Ling Mo Han sipped his tea and glanced at her clueless face. He explained, "The Alchemist Guild only allotted four chair quotas for the guest elders. Their power is extraordinary. Moreover, even though the guest elders are only in name, they can enjoy all kinds of benefits and protection of the guild."

    He paused briefly while watching the woman struck dumb. "Furthermore, every year the guild gives a very generous provision as well as hundreds of precious potions. In addition, they can freely attend all kinds of large-scale activities organized by the Alchemist Guild. The guest elders will receive all kinds of gifts whenever they visit the guild's various branches and get all kinds of conveniences wherever the guild's branches are located."

    He toyed with the teacup in his hand, "The Alchemist Guild you went for the assessment was the Head Alchemist Guild. The guest elders here have even greater significance." His eyes were teasing. "It was so unexpected that you would be so indifferent to fame and wealth, and refused him straightforwardly."

    "This Old Yu! This Old Yu!"

    Feng Jiu's body felt sore all over due to her big regrets. "Old Yu told me that this position has benefits, but I thought they were just common ones... Who knew there was such a big benefit! Implicitly luring people with good benefits, it's not my fault, ah!"

    She had no idea of the great advantages! If she had known, she would have agreed.

    While pondering this, she approached the table and looked at Ling Mo Han anxiously. "Uncle, should I go back to get the post of guest elder now?"

    However, before he could answer, she slammed her hands on the table heavily. She yelled, her mind was in a tangle, "But that won't do, ah! What about my esteem? What about my pride? How can I ask for it? Ahhh! It's all Old Yu's fault!"

    Ling Mo Han shot her a glance. Shifting his gaze briefly, he suggested, "If you promise to marry me, the benefits will be much more than that. Would you consider it?"
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