748 Feng Jiu’s Foundation



    Once the Headmaster's screamed out the order to kill, everyone repeated after him and shouted kill, their voices filled with fierceness. Even though most of the teachers were only Martial Sacred cultivators, none of them backed away. None of them showed fear, but rushed forwards instead and surrounded the two Nascent Soul cultivators to kill them.

    With their combined power, surely they could kill the two Nascent Soul cultivators?

    The surge of murderous power charged towards the two Nascent Soul cultivators. Even if their strength was not comparable to them, but the four Nascent Soul elders in front of them plus the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster leading them, they were all driven and ferocious like a tiger.

    "Little Jiu!"

    Guan Xilin had ran over to steady the injured Feng Jiu. His heart tightened up when he saw her covered in fresh blood: "Let me stop the bleeding for you first."

    "Feng Jiu, how are you? Are you okay?" Xiao Yihan asked as he looked at him again and couldn't say the words Feng Little Brother.

    Who would dare call a young boy who could fight against a Nascent Soul cultivator Little Brother? He hadn't known how strong his power was in the past, but now that he knew, how could he dare call call him Little Brother when his strength was so much more powerful and horrifying than his?


    Just as Guan Xilin was about to get the medicine, he saw a hand stretched out towards him with a bottle of medicine bottle. He glanced up at Nie Teng and ignored him. Instead, he reached into the Spatial Space and retrieved a bottle of medicine and poured it over Feng Jiu's shoulder.

    Nie Teng looked at her pale face, it was the first time he had seen her this way. Even though she was covered in wounds, her magnificence still shone through.

    She battled against Nascent Soul cultivators on her own, had her strength really increased so much?

    Feng Jiu hadn't paid any attention to Nie Teng. Her focus was on the group of people who had surrounded the two Nascent Soul cultivators. She felt that her body could no longer contain the irregular breaths, her spiritual power was changing.

    "Elder brother, I am going into the Foundation stage. Protect me."

    She pushed him away and sat down cross-legged, then her hands marked out a complicated marking and placed two enchantments around herself.

    Guan Xilin was shocked. Foundation stage? Here, now?

    He recovered from his shock when he saw the enchantments and the surge of power from her. He had turned around immediately and stood guard outside the enchantment circle to protect her, in case the two Nascent Soul cultivators tried to attack her.

    Nie Teng was also in shock, but said nothing and stood guard outside the enchantment circle to protect her.

    Xiao Yihan asked, his eyes wide open with shock: "Fou....foundation stage?" What? Did he hear right? Feng Jiu was actually going into Foundation stage here? Was he not afraid that they could not protect the enchantment circle from the Nascent Soul cultivators, and they disturbed her? All her effort would go to waste.

    "We also have to protect her."

    The three members from the Black Market had not joined in the battle up ahead, but stood guard outside the enchantment circle instead.

    While the few people were standing guard outside the enchantment circle, a group of people led by the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were attacking the two Nascent Soup cultivators. Quite a few instructors were hurt and thrown from the battle. The Golden Core teachers were not able to get past the Nascent Soul cultivators. The situation was starting to be worrying.

    At this point, one of the Nascent Soul cultivators waved his hand and went towards the enchantment circle......
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