529 A Favour To Ask

    Chief Ke looked back, it was indeed the Ghost Doctor. He stood up immediately and went over to greet him. He had nearly called out Ghost Doctor, then remembered what had been instructed, so he changed his greeting. With a smile, he said: "Master Jiu, you're finally back."

    "Chief Ke?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows as she looked at the person who greeted her with a big smile.

    "When I found out Master Jiu was staying here, I specially made a trip to pay my respects." His smile reached his eyes, and his kind smile made him seem like a very easy-going person.

    However, as everyone knew, to become the black market chief, one definitely would not be an easy-going person. It was just that he had different attitudes for different people.

    "I went out early this morning. Chief Ke must have been waiting long." She smiled, since he was already here, she could not be impolite. She gestured for him to enter : "Please come in Chief Ke. As I've only just returned, I have not had my lunch, do join me."

    Upon hearing those words, the fire within Chief Ke's heart disappeared, the smile on his face deepened and replied immediately: "Master Jiu's generosity has really made me happy."

    As they spoke, a bearded man dressed in black robes walked up and stood next to Master Jiu. Upon seeing the situation, he asked: " May I ask who this is?"

    "He is my friend, his surname is Ling." Feng Jiu smiled as she looked at Ling Mo Han beside her and continued: " This is Chief Ke from the black market."

    Ling Mo Han glanced at Chief Ke briefly and proceeded to walk into the inn without even greeting him.

    Even then, Chief Ke did not dare show any sign of displeasure on his face, because when that man glanced at him with his dark, sharp eyes, he felt a chill run through his whole body and it made struck fear in his heart.

    To strike fear in his heart with just a glance, that man was no ordinary man!

    "'I'm sorry, that's just what he's like." Feng Jiu smiled apologetically.

    "It's ok, it's ok." Chief Ke smiled as he walked inside with her.

    Leng Hua asked the innkeeper to prepare the dishes and some wine to be sent up to the guest room on the second floor. The innkeeper did not dare delay and hurriedly instructed the servants to prepare the food and wine as he sighed deeply. If they weren't here to cause trouble, that would be good. He was afraid that his inn would be destroyed.

    On the second floor, Feng Jiu, Lin Mo Han and Chief Ke sat down at the table on the outside of the room. As the food and wine had not yet been served, Leng Hua poured a cup of tea for each of them and then stood silently at the side.

    "Master Jiu, this is a gift I had specially prepared for you." Chief Ke said and motioned for the gift to be brought over.

    "I have not done anything to deserve this gift. Chief Ke, how can I accept your gift?"

    Chief Ke smiled and replied: "It is just some local speciality, not a valuable gift. Master Jiu, do me a favour and accept the gift!"

    When he said it like that, if Feng Jiu did not accept the gift, then she would really cause Chief Ke to be humiliated. She beckoned Leng Hua to receive the gift and she said to Chief Ke: "Then thank you very much Chief Ke."

    "Please forgive my abruptness, the purpose of my visit today is actually because I have a favour to ask of you." He did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

    It was said that Feng Jiu glanced at Lin Mo Han who was drinking his tea quietly before she looked at Chief Ke and smiled as she said: "As the president of the black market, if there is something that even Chief Ke is unable to do, I am afraid that I will probably not be of much help."

    As soon as he heard this, Chief Ke replied hurriedly: " No no no, only Master Jiu can help me with this matter."
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