530 They Are Lovers?

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu had no choice but to say: "Okay then Chief Ke, tell me about it!"

    "Honestly speaking, since I had reached the Nascent Soul stage, my powers have become stagnant and I have been unable to figure out why. I heard from my brother that Master Feng's medical skills are extraordinary. Since I am so lucky to meet you here, I was wondering if Master Jiu would be willing to help me."


    Feng Jiu was surprised. She thought that he was going to ask for medicinal pills. She would have refused because she had not made any recently. Besides medicinal pills was not as effective as the medicine itself. Since he was here seeking medical treatment, then she might as well help him.

    "Stretch out your hand for me to take a look." She motioned for him to stretch out his wrist.

    It was said that Chief Ke was overjoyed and rolled up his sleeve immediately and placed his wrist on the table. He watched the Ghost Doctor as she was about to take his pulse. But at this time...


    A light cough sounded out which stunned both him and the Ghost Doctor. Chief Ke looked at Ling Mo Han who had been staring at the both of them when he coughed lightly then lowered his hand. Chief Ke did not know what the meaning of this was.

    Ling Mo Han shot a chilling glance at the both of them and as his deep gaze swept past them, it stopped at Leng Hua. He instructed her in a calm voice: "Hurry up and bring your Master a handkerchief."

    Upon hearing this, the few people in the room were shocked, and their expressions showed this.

    Especially Chief Ke whose mouth was wide open as he stared dumbfounded at the bearded man. What was the meaning of this? Could Master Jiu's hand not touch his wrist?

    His lips moved as he wanted to ask why. However, when he looked into the cold eyes of the man who sat there calmly, he felt a shiver down his back, and was stunned.

    Leng Hua looked at her Master and took out a thin handkerchief from within her sleeve and placed it on Chief Ke's wrist and explained: "This has always been the way my Master checks other's pulse."

    "It's that I do not know Master Jiu's rules. Fortunately, this ... Master Ling reminded me." He smiled awkwardly. No one would believe that the powerful black market president actually felt fear as he faced the bearded man.

    Feng Jiu glanced at Ling Mo Han as she stretched out her fingers and placed them on Cheif Ke's wrist. She smiled and said: " Chief Ke, don't be so nervous, relax. Your pulse is too fast, it will be hard for me to make an accurate diagnosis."

    "Oh, okay okay." Although he said okay, however, with the bearded man staring over here at them, he found it hard to relax.

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu shook her head and withdrew her hand: "This is not good, I can't diagnose anything with your pulse beating so fast. Let's have some food first, and I will check your pulse again later!" She looked at Ling Mo Han and asked teasingly: "Uncle, I noticed that you have been coughing a lot recently. Is it because you're getting old? Why don't I check your pulse?"

    Ling Mo Han looked uncomfortable as he picked up his teacup to drink more tea. His eyes looked away and he never answered her question.

    Chief Ke looked back and forth at the two people in front of him. Seeing that they acted so strangely, a thought suddenly crossed his mind: These, were these two men... lovers?

    From the moment he walked in, the bearded man's gaze had been on the Ghost Doctor, and he had insisted the Ghost Doctor use a handkerchief to check his pulse. Having thought of this, Chief Ke's face blushed. He had lived for so long, but it was the first time he had met a pair of lovers of the same gender.
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