531 Sixth Stage Recovery Pill

    The meal was finally finished, with Ling Mo Han constantly helping Feng Jiu pick up her food. Chief Ke had sat with them during the meal, eating and talking. However, by the end of the meal, he was not sure what he had eaten.

    He could not taste the food he ate.

    Feng Jiu saw that in the presence of Ling Mo Han, Chief Ke was unable to keep calm and was always tense. She could not help but smile as she looked at the person who sat quietly and still: "Uncle, why don't you go out for a walk, to help digest your food?"

    Ling Mo Han shot her a glance, and then took a look at the nervous Chief Ke.

    Under the cold stare from the bearded man, Chief Ke said hurriedly: "This, that ... how about I ..." Before he could finish speaking, the bearded man had stood up and walked out without saying a word.

    "Chief Ke, relax, don't be so nervous."

    She could not help but laugh. He was the president of the black market, and yet he was so intimidated by Ling Mo Han that he could not even form a full sentence. But she supposed it was right, that man's imposing manner and prestige was not that of an ordinary man, and indeed was quite scary.

    Chief Ke smiled in embarrassment, but he finally calmed down and stretched out his wrist.

    Feng Jiu checked his pulse, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Finally she said to him: "Your health is pretty good in all aspects with no major problems. You are unable to advance further than the early stage of Nascent Soul because of your old injuries. Your old injuries are hindering your progress. Do you suffer from pain once in a while in your lower abdomen?"

    Upon hearing Feng Jiu's words, Chief Ke was shocked. His eyes widened slowly: "That's right. I suffer from pain there once in a while. That is where I was injured over twenty years ago. I had asked many medical experts who all said there was no treatment. I never expected my old injury to be the cause of the problem."

    "It is indeed difficult to treat because it was so long ago." Feng Jiu's eyebrows twisted: "It is difficult to treat with medicine. However, I have another method."

    "Please elaborate Master Jiu."

    "To search for a sixth stage recovery pill. Your old injury can only be treated with the sixth stage recovery pill. No other medical concoctions would be able to repair the damage." The sixth stage recovery pill was a remedy for repairing internal injuries, and it was also effective in treating old injuries. However, she was unable to make the sixth stage recovery pill at this point in time.

    Upon hearing Feng Jiu's words, Chief Ke sighed out loud: "Hey, I have heard about the sixth stage recovery pill that Master Jiu mentioned. However, it would be impossible to find even one pill in the whole Great Concord Country!"

    Medical concoctions and medicinal pills were similar, however medicinal pills were far more effective that medical concoctions. Due to the potent efficiency of the medicinal pills, the level of toxins was also higher, the higher the level of medicinal herbs, the more successful it would be in refining the sixth grade recovery pill. However, it was unheard of in the surrounding third grade countries.

    Even if it existed, it would have already been kept hidden by some powerful family. No matter how successful the black market was, he was only a chief. How would he be able to obtain such a priceless medicinal pill?

    So once again, he placed his hopes on Feng Jiu: "Master Jiu, I heard from my brothers that aside from being a pharmacist, you are also an alchemist. Is there not even a way that you can help?"

    Feng Jiu waved her hand and replied: "I really can't help you. Your injury will not recover unless you use the sixth grade recovery pill. Even the fifth grade recovery pill would not help you. Although I am an alchemist, however I am not familiar with it, so I am not able to refine such a powerful medicinal pill for you at the moment."
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