532 A Strong and Powerful Family Background

    At this point, she thought about looking for her grandfather. She would return to the Heavenly Dynasty Palace and research refining medicinal pills, then prepare for the Foundation Formation Stage. That sounds about right. As for her mother, there was nothing she could do if she were to go to a First Grade Country with her current strength. She was better off preparing for Foundation Formation.

    While she was thought of all this, she noticed that Chief Ke who sat in front of her looked worried. He was a clan brother from the Green Gallop County who had helped her out many times, and also gave her a luxurious airship.

    So, she thought about it more, and she spoke: "Chief Ke, to be honest, you do not have to worry so much at the moment. Your old injury will not cause any major problems in the next fifty years. It's just that it is harder for you to ascend to the next level. If you are cured, then advancement to the next level is just a matter of time."

    It was probably better she had not said anything. Upon hearing her words, Chief Ke's face paled: "What, what? There will not be any major problems in the next fifty years? So what Master Jiu means is that after fifty years, there will be major problems?"

    "If you continue to cultivate advancing your energy, then your old injury will be stimulated. Therefore, I recommend that before you are able to treat your old injury, you should just continue to stabilize your energy and don't try to cultivate advancing your energy." She was not trying to scare him. With an old injury, he should not have been trying to cultivate advancement as it would stimulate his injury and make it worse.

    Chief Ke sighed: "Hai, unfortunately this injury was sustained after I entered the Nascent Soul Stage. If it was before I entered the Nascent Soul Stage, then when my body reformed during the advancement, I would not be like this."

    At this point, he stood up and bowed to Feng Jiu: "Regardless, I must thank you deeply today Master Jiu. I have seen many doctors over the years, but no one was able to tell me what the problem was. After today's enlightenment from Master Jiu, I know what to do in the future."

    Feng Jiu did not know what else to say other than to remind him not to exert himself, and then she saw him out.

    As she led Chief Ke out, she had a look around but saw no sign of Ling Mo Han. Shadow One and Gray Wolf had not accompanied their master either. She asked them: "Where is your master? Why did you not accompany him and stay behind instead?"

    "Master said that he was going for a walk and didn't need us to follow him. He wanted us to stay here to keep watch over you." Shadow One answered, his back straight against the doorway.

    "Hey Master Jiu, our Master was worried about you! That's why he left us here to stand guard." Gray Wolf grinned as he asked: "Master Jiu, you said earlier that you were going to give me something. What is it?"

    As soon as he heard those words, Shadow One looked at Feng Jiu. He thought that at most she was only going to give him some medical concoctions since she was a pharmacist and had plenty of medical concoctions.

    "Gray Wolf, you have been at the Golden Core stage for quite a while now, haven't you?" She asked with a smile as she looked at him up and down.

    "Actually it's not been that long. I reached the Golden Core stage quicker than most others. Master gave us a lot of medicinal pills to help us improve our energy."

    Their master did not lack medicinal pills, therefore, under the guidance of their master, they were able to advance through the stages quickly with the help of medicinal pills. If it weren't because of that, it would be impossible for people their age to reach the Golden Core stage.

    Too many words, he had revealed too much information. Feng Jiu's eyes brightened: "Your master's family background is indeed strong and powerful!"
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