533 Bring a Woman Home

    Gray Wolf replied seriously: "Yes, our Master's status is highly honourable. Don't miss your chance Master Jiu."

    Feng Jiu smirked and looked at him without saying anything. Indeed if the subordinates were like this, then their master must be the same.

    "Master Jiu, where is my present?" His eyes were shining bright even though he had not received his gift. A gift from the Ghost Doctor was exciting.

    "The medical concoction from my assessment." She reached out in the air and produced the medical concoction for him. She continued: "Even though your Master has lots of medicinal pills, but this gift reflects my appreciation for all your help." She was referring to delivering medicine to Murong Bo in the middle of the night.

    "Thank you Master Jiu."

    Gray Wolf's eyes brightened up and received the medical concoction with delight as he spoke: "Master Jiu's medical concoctions are priceless. They're not the same as the ones my Master gives us. But, Master Jiu, can you tell me what the effects of this medical concoction has?"

    "It will help you improve your strength and is suitable for the Golden Core monks to use." She replied as she walked back to her room.

    She had gone to the Alchemist Guild for her assessment very early this morning so she felt quite tired at this point. She decided to take a nap. As she walked into the room, she spoke to Leng Shuang who was behind her: " I want to take a nap, don't let anyone disturb me."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang replied and closed the door behind her. She stood guard outside.

    Seeing that Feng Jiu had returned to her room, Shadow One said to Gray Wolf: "You're lucky. The standard of the medical concoctions made by Master Jiu will definitely be superior to others. Who knows, maybe if you drink the whole bottle of medical concoction, you will be able to advance to the Nascent Soul Stage."

    Gray Wolf was very happy at this point in time, but he did not let his excitement get the better of him. He carefully put away the bottle of medical concoction and replied: "Master said I should not rush into the Nascent Soul Stage, he said I should stabilise my current strength first. When he says it is okay, then I will advance to the Nascent Soul Stage. By then, my foundation will be more stable and my road to cultivation will be longer."

    "Hey, where do you think Master has gone? He's been gone for so long, why is he not back yet?" Gray Wolf looked around but could not see his master anywhere. He could not help but wonder.

    Their master would rather stay in his room than go out and walk around. They thought he would have just walked around the block and come back, but he was nowhere to be seen.

    What surprised them even more was that after the time of a stick of incense, their master finally came back and was followed closely by a woman!

    "No way! Who is that woman?" Gray Wolf was dumbfounded. How did his master go out for a walk and come back with a stranger?

    "She looks a little familiar." Shadow One replied as he stared at the woman following their master.

    "Familiar? I don't know. I just know that if Master Jiu found out there will be trouble." Gray Wolf said, and Shadow One did not say anything else.

    Upon entering the inn, Ling Mo Han went straight up to the second floor. He looked at the closed door and asked Gray Wolf: "Where is she?"

    "Master Jiu is taking a nap."

    Gray Wolf replied hurriedly as he looked downstairs at the woman who was greeting the innkeeper. He asked softly: "Master, who is that woman?"
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