534 Did I see right?

    Ling Mo Han glanced at him and went straight into the room without giving him an answer. He only left a sentence, "Don't let anyone disturb my rest."

    The door was slammed shut. Gray Wolf rubbed his nose and looked at Shadow One. Seeing Shadow One lost in contemplation, he asked, "What are you thinking about?"

    "I remember that woman." As soon as Shadow One spoke, his eyes moved away from the woman below and landed on Gray Wolf.

    "Who's she, ah?" He often followed his master. Why didn't he remember who this woman was?

    "She's a teacher at Six Stars Academy at a third-grade country. She is also our master's admirer." Shadow One explained while looking at the woman downstairs. "I didn't expect to run into her at this place."

    His expression turned somewhat odd. He was currently thinking, what would happen if Ghost Doctor sees this woman? This was the master's admirer.

    "Oh? It's her! No wonder, she looked familiar." Gray Wolf finally recalled the identity of the woman downstairs.

    When their master used his identity as Ling Mo Han at Green Gallop Country's Six Stars Academy, this woman reportedly was pestering him from the very beginning. They had also met her, but they had no idea that Six Star Academy's female teacher would come here to meet their master.

    "Hey! What do you think the Ghost Doctor will do if she sees that woman downstairs?" Gray Wolf asked curiously, his eyes shone with excitement.

    Shadow One shot a glance at him. "Won't we know it when the time comes?"

    Even though he knew it as a fact, he got really excited. They were not worried that Ghost Doctor would suffer at that woman's hands. They were excited to know, what would Ghost Doctor do when she saw that woman dare to wrap herself around the master?

    Would she eat vinegar? It didn't seem likely. How Ghost Doctor looked when she got jealous, they couldn't imagine that scene at all.

    Anger? That's quite possible.

    However, she made them wait for a while. Feng Jiu actually slept until the sky grew dark and the red lanterns on the street were lit. Even their master was already awake and went out of the room. He went downstairs and sat on the first floor.

    The woman had never left since she came to look for their master. So when Ling Mo Han came to the first floor to drink tea, she wasn't afraid of the chilly aura emanating from his body. She came to sit down at his table, trying to talk to him.

    Of course, Ling Mo Han just drank his tea quietly, without a word or even a glance at her beautiful face.

    It was not until the sound of a door opened from the second-floor room that his eyes shifted slightly. It was as if he was anticipating something.

    Feng Jiu, freshly awoken from sleep, had a dazed and sleepy look on her exquisite face. Her eyes were still partially closed somewhat lazily. The front lapels of her dazzling red robe were untidy. It was slightly open, revealing her snow-white skin. Her whole body was permeated with a languid aura. She lifted her hand slightly to cover her yawn while casually asking Leng Shuang that stood by the door.

    "Is uncle back yet?"

    "He's already returned and now sit downstairs," Leng Shuang answered, her eyes swept the room downstairs.

    Feng Jiu went to the railings and looked down. This time, she could not help but opened her eyes wide. The sleepiness was mostly gone and her face was filled with stupefaction and curiosity.

    "Did I see right? Uncle unexpectedly brought a woman back?"
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