535 The shameless uncle

    Gray Wolf, who had been waiting for her to wake up, hurriedly said, "No, no, Young Master Jiu. Don't misunderstand. She was not brought back by my master, but followed on her own accord."

    When Feng Jiu heard his answer, she blinked. Her face was filled with curiosity. "Did he know her?" Would people he didn't know dare to stick to Uncle? That's too bold.

    "She is a teacher at Six Stars Academy of Green Gallop Country, an admirer of the master. Reportedly, she comes from an influential family from a third-grade country. Somehow, she has always been pestering the master." When he reached this point, he promptly ensured her. "But my master never gave her face, so you should not misunderstand it."


    She fixed her eyes toward Ling Mo Han, who was drinking tea downstairs but did not tell the woman to go away. At this moment, a crafty light flashed in her eyes and her lips curved in a sly smile.

    "I won't, I won't. I won't misunderstand it." She smiled, waved at him, and stepped down.

    Ling Mo Han, who was drinking tea, looked forward to it. He really wanted to know what she would do when she saw a woman hanging around him.

    Would she be jealous? That's unlikely. The woman had no idea what kind of thing jealousy was.

    Would she be delighted? Mm, that's more in line with it. He would try his best to make it happen!

    "Mo Han, my house is in this area. Now that you're here, why don't you go and live with me? An inn is no more comfortable than your own house." The woman spoke quietly, her beautiful eyes were full of happiness.

    She didn't expect to meet someone whom she hadn't heard from for so long here. What was it then, if not fate?

    "Uncle, who is this beautiful sister?"

    Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes squinting slightly. Her beautiful and exquisite face was innocent and pure. While facing the woman, both her hands hung onto Ling Mo Han's shoulders. This action startled him completely. He turned his head slightly and looked at those tender-as-ginger fingers.

    When the woman heard Feng Jiu's words, she was still in a happy mood. Then she saw the handsome youth laid his hands on Ling Mo Han's shoulders, leaned his body forward toward him while smilingly inquired. She immediately became unhappy.

    She knew that the one thing Ling Mo Han hated most was being touched by other people. She was about to scold him, but this would make her look silly.

    "Are you awake now? Did you sleep well?" His deep and magnetic sexy voice was as mellow as wine, making people who heard it intoxicated.

    But when he slightly turned his head and looked at the hands on his shoulder, his deep glance shifted slightly. His hands reached out automatically and held Feng Jiu's hands, pulled her in his arms and held her in his embrace without letting go.

    Not only did the woman stared with astonished eyes at this scene, but the guests on the first floor also turned their heads to watch this pair in amazement. However, it was evident that their gazes carried a different meaning from the woman's.

    The inn's guests' gazes seemed to say that they had already known this pair's relationship would be like this.

    Feng Jiu glared at him. She didn't expect this uncle would be...so shameless!

    She thought playing tricks on him would be fun. Who knew that he would beat her at her own game? Wasn't she rushing forward only to be taken advantage of by him?

    Moreover, this is the first floor! He held her, while she was disguised as a man, in his embrace, totally unconcerned with the onlookers' gazes. Was this his way forcing her to show affection?
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