537 Surprise Attack In The Nigh

    Upon hearing those words, even though Feng Jiu was thick-skinned, she still felt embarrassed. Her exquisite face blushed red and her expression turned slightly awkward. To Ling Mo Han, the sight of her at the moment was enchanting and charming.

    Ling Mo Han did not continue speaking, but the corners of his mouth curved into a slight smile. His beard however was so thick that it hid his smile.

    "Let me accompany you for a walk through the night market." He took her hand and stood up. Before she could refuse, he had already led her outside.

    The four people behind them looked at each other and smiled as they followed them.

    The guests on the first floor laughed out loud at the strangeness of it all. When these two people had first started staying at the inn, they had felt there was something peculiar about the relationship between the two of them. Today, this was finally confirmed.

    It seemed that they were very perceptive to be able to tell that there was something going on between those two men.

    By the time Feng Jiu had awoken, it was already dusk, and she had then spent some time on the first floor. When she was dragged out of the inn, she saw red lanterns hung up outside the shops and noticed that the pedestrians were very lively. What had happened in the inn was pushed to the back of her mind.

    However, she looked down at her hand interlocked with his hand and was surprised.

    "Uncle, is this how you intend to take me for a walk?" She raised their interlocked hands and looked at him with a smile: "Do you want to be the center of attraction at the night market?"

    There was probably no other couple like them in the whole night market.

    Yuck yuck yuck! What couple? She was not a couple with him.

    "I don't care, why should you care?" He glanced at her pleasantly.

    In the past, he would never have thought that he would hold a woman's hand and stroll through the streets with their fingers interlocked. He just knew that this feeling he felt right now was powerful and made him deeply happy.

    He looked at the woman through the corner of his eye, his lips curved into a slight smile. With her by his side was like having the whole world. The sense of satisfaction and happiness he felt was something no one else could understand.

    However, it was easy to hold on to her, but not her heart. What could he do to make her be with him happily?

    It was time for him to charm her.

    The two of them continued walking late into the night and had supper before they headed back to the inn. The few pedestrians on the streets and the red lanterns hung up outside the shops swayed gently in the wind, making it seem very quiet.

    "Compared to the inn, the snacks from the street stalls have more characteristic. I ate so much that I still feel full now." Her face was filled with satisfaction.

    Upon seeing how easily pleased she was, Ling Mo Han smiled lightly: "Since you enjoy it so much, wherever we go to in the future, I will take you to taste the local delicacies."

    When she heard this, she felt a flutter in her heart. She felt confused as she glanced over at him.

    "What's wrong?" Ling Mo Han looked at her lowered head, surprised by the sudden change in her mood.

    Feng Jiu shook her head because she didn't know what to say or how to tell him that she was afraid she did not know how to reciprocate his dedication and affection towards her.

    Seeing this, Ling Mo Han was about to say something, but he suddenly reached out and pulled Feng Jiu into his arms, his eyes fixated on only one thing.
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