538 He Smiled

    The nearly empty street was suddenly filled with dozens of men dressed in black holding swords rushing straight at them. The few people in the street who were packing up and closing their shops fled at the sight of the men in black.

    The atmosphere in the street changed with the appearance of the men in black. The pressure and thirst for blood that was emitted from the men made one freeze in fear.

    Feeling the change, Feng Jiu who was still wrapped in Ling Mo Han's arms tapped his hands and said: "Let me go." The strength of these men was not mediocre, the lowest of their strength were Golden Core cultivators, and there were also a few of the men who were Nascent Soul cultivators!

    These men were not here for her, they were here for Ling Mo Han.

    Perhaps not for his current identity, but for his original identity! Otherwise, no one would need to send out such a strong army of men. They were clearly here to take his life!

    It was the fifteenth day of the month tonight. These people seemed to like to pick fights on the fifteenth day of the month. It was probably because on the fifteenth day of each month, Ling Mo Han was at his weakest as the Thousand Year Frost Poison would attack his body!

    However, they did not know that with her medicinal pill, even though the poison in his body was still there, but it stopped the poison from attacking his body.

    With an Ancient Sacred Beast within her body, moreover with Ling Mo Han's protection, she did not feel any form of oppression from the strong pressure of the strong murderous intent that they emitted. However, on the other side, Leng Shuang and Leng Shuang's faces turned pale and blood flowed out of their mouths.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One immediately moved to protect the two masters. At the same time, a signal was set off. A bang of fire flashed through the night sky. In an instant, dozens of people in black appeared from behind and attacked the murderous men in black.

    "Leng Shuang, Leng Hua, come over here!" She shouted quickly telling them to move over to her. At the same time she released the ancient sacred aura from within her body to protect them from the pressure of the people surrounding them.

    Upon seeing this, Ling Mo Han looked down at her, but did not let go and held on to her, close to his body.

    Even though the lowest cultivators were Golden Core, he still did not want to risk her leaving her side. Only if she was in his arms, could he ensure that no harm would come to her.

    "These men are here for you."

    Feng Jiu frowned: "They are powerful, their thirst for blood was stronger than the average killer and they have no fear of death. Your opponents are really something."

    "Are you afraid?" He asked, smiling slightly as he gazed deeply at her.

    "Afraid?" She raised her eyebrows and glanced at him with playful eyes: "If I say I am afraid, will you let go?"

    "I will not."

    He held on to her even tighter, his dark eyes fixed on her. His low and magnetic voice was serious and overbearing: "I will never let go of you. You don't have to be afraid, no matter how dangerous it gets, I will always protect you. I will not let anyone hurt even a hair on you."

    When she heard these words, her heart shuddered and started thumping madly. Amidst the danger, she looked at him with a startled expression. There seemed to be a voice coming from the bottom of her heart telling her not to hesitate, not to be afraid, to try to believe, try to love.....

    However, the words that escaped her were: "Hey, I just knew that nothing good would come out of being with you."

    He looked at the woman beside him who was clearly helpless but yet did not seem to know fear as he let out a smile.
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