539 Why Did You Come

    Feng Jiu said unkindly: "Someone wants to kill you! How can you still laugh?" When she finished speaking, she looked at all the men in black with curiosity: "How did I not know there were so many skilled men protecting us?"

    They were all either Golden Core or Nascent Soul cultivators. Where did this guy come from? Even a prestigious family could not compare to such extravagance!

    Moreover, she was always highly vigilant, and yet she did not notice that there were so many men protecting them in secret all this time. Has her vigilance deteriorated? Or were these men highly capable of concealing themselves?

    "You don't know them, but they know you." Ling Mo Han looked at the crowd of men fighting in front of them. He hugged her closer to him and said: "Leave them to deal with this. Let's go back first."

    Feng Jiu looked at Leng Shuang and Leng Hua. The colour to their faces had improved because she held off the pressure for them. However, the atmosphere here was too strong and they would not be able to withstand it any longer. Hence, she nodded her head.

    "Yes, let's go back first!"

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One protected them as they left. As for the men in black who came to attack them, they were besieged by Ling Mo Han's secret bodyguards....

    It was just as well there were not many people on the streets at the moment. As for the shops on both sides of the street, their doors and windows were already closed tightly. The killing that started in the middle of the night also ended in the middle of the night.

    Back at the inn, Feng Jiu had a servant prepare the water for her to take a bath. After she dried her hair, she put on her robe and stepped out shouting for Leng Shuang and Leng Hua: "The two of you come in."

    "Master." The two of them came into the room and stopped in front of her.

    Feng Jiu looked at them. Although some colour had returned to their faces, they still looked pale. She reached out into the air and handed them two bottles of medicinal pills: "Here are two bottles of medicinal pills. Take a bottle each and rest early tonight!"

    The two of them did not take the medicinal pills but looked down instead and said: "Master, we're sorry."

    The two of them realised that in the Phoenix Dynasty they could protect their master. However, on the outside, when they were met with stronger cultivators, they could not even protect themselves.

    However, Feng Jiu smiled lightly and said: "The lowest cultivators were Golden Core and there were multiple Nascent Soul cultivators. Their strength were extraordinary, even I could not have stopped them if I did not have a contract with Little Fire."

    "Besides, they were all old monsters. You are still young, don't worry, continue to cultivate your strength and one day you will become stronger." After she said this, she had a thought. Those men were old monsters, then what about Ling Mo Han? His cultivation was unfathomable. At the age of twenty five, how could he reach such a powerful stage?

    After listening to her, the siblings looked at each other, warmth filled their hearts. Their master comforted them in such a situation and encouraged them, how could they disappoint her?

    "Thank you Master, we understand." The two of them bowed respectfully, picked up the medicinal pills and left the room.

    On the other side, after instructing Gray Wolf and Shadow One to do something, Ling Mo Han came to Feng Jiu's room. He saw her sat at the table day-dreaming and asked: ""What are you thinking of?"

    Feng Jiu looked at him and asked: "Why did you come?"
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