540 Does It Look Nice?

    Ling Mo Han saw that she only had a robe on, the collar loose around her neck. He eyes shifted away as he said: "Didn't you say that you did not sleep well when I was not by your side?"

    He walked over to the table. As he sat down, he could not help but glance over at her revealed collarbone again. "That's why I have come."

    When she noticed that his eyes kept shifting over towards her collarbone, she looked down. As she had just had a bath, she had not dressed properly and her robe was not fastened. However, you could only see her pale skin and nothing more.

    But that man's eyes have already wandered over to her collarbone twice in the short time that he had been in her room. Were all men like that? When a woman revealed any part of her body, they would not be able to resist looking?

    "Does it look good?" Her lips pursed in a slight smile as she asked.

    "Ahem." Ling Mo Han coughed. He looked away at once, looking embarrassed to have been caught peeking.

    "What about now?" She loosened her robe further to reveal her shoulder and winked at him.

    Although Ling Mo Han was embarrassed, he could not help but look at her again. As his eyes fell on her shoulder, they filled with burning desire. His voice was deep and hoarse when he spoke: "Are you trying to seduce me?"

    "Hmph! Good for nothing!"

    She snorted and smirked at him as she adjusted her robe. She replied: "Do you not have any willpower, you dare come into my room in the middle of the night?"

    He gathered his thoughts and looked at her as he spoke: "Since meeting you, I have lost my willpower. Therefore, you better not try to seduce me, or else, don't blame me if something happens."

    "Have those men taken care of?" She looked at him as she poured him a cup of water.

    Ling Mo Han calmed the fire within him and replied: "Yes, all taken care of." His expression was calm but his tone was disapproving. It was obvious that this was not the first time something like that had happened, and it was becoming more regular.

    "It is the fifteenth tonight. It seems like they like to pick the fifteenth for a fight." She had one hand on her cheek as she looked at him: "How much medicine have you got left? After taking it you should have had no reaction?"

    "No matter how precious the fire property of the medicine is, it could not suppress the Thousand Year Frost within my body. You must have used ancient fire phoenix blood!" Although it was a question, but he sounded sure of what he said.

    "Yes, smart." She smiled lightly, her tone a little smug as she continued: "Therefore, the matter of my stealing your millennial ginseng and defrauding you should be set aside. You have to know that my medicine is hard to obtain."

    When he heard this, Ling Mo Han could not help but smile: "In the future, when you want anything, just tell me."

    "If I tell you, you will give it to me?" She rolled her eyes and smiled.

    "Yes, my things will soon become your things." His looked deep into her eyes: "What's mine is yours."

    "Haha, save it!"

    She smiled awkwardly, but she did not dare throw herself onto him. The thought of him pressed against her was too beautiful to imagine.....

    After Ling Mo Han finished his water, he put the cup down. His deep gaze fell upon her. He stood up suddenly, reached out and pulled her up into his arms. Feng Jiu was startled and asked: "What are you doing? It's the middle of the night. Put me down immediately."
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